Magic Marks The Spot



This book is about a girl named Hillary that wants to be a pirate, but her parent's make her go to Miss Pimm's finishing school for delicate ladies. She snuck out of Miss Pimm's and signed up for a pirate crew that goes on a treasure hunt for the magic that the Enchantress of the North Lands hid. Later, she finds the treasure at Miss Pimms and stops her dad (Admiral Westfield) from taking over the kingdom.


This book was okay, but I'd recommend another book for someone. If you like books about girls going on adventure this would be a great book for you.

About the Author

Caroline Carlson wrote Magic Marks The Spot.Caroline Carlson grew up just outside Boston, Massachusetts. She always has loved to read books. She got a Bachelor degree at Swarthmore College.
Magic Marks the Spot Book Trailer
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