Weekly Staff Update

Jr./Sr. High School (September 16, 2016)

Good morning-

New Items
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Just a reminder that students do not have to stand for the pledge of allegiance. They do have to be quiet and respectful during the pledge.
  • We are looking to make the November 8 PD day beneficial for all. If there is a topic you would like PD on please let me know by Wednesday, September 21. Once we narrow it down to 10 topics (grades 6-12) we will post for staff who may be interested in leading the PD (Stipend). This is an opportunity for you to have a say in your own PD.
  • Staff IDs Reminder: Staff should be wearing their IDs at all times.
  • If you hang something on the hall bulletin boards for your class, club, activity, or sport please make sure you take it down after the date.
  • Guidance will start the September 19 faculty meeting with a brief overview of the college recommendation process. Jeff Bradbury & Dr. Gonzalez will then review creating websites using google sites. We will have devices for staff to use. Teachers who already created their google website will be asked to assist others.
  • Ms. Jasmine Hough will be replacing Tonia Andrews who is replacing Michelle Stoute (Got a tenure track position), effective Wednesday, September 21, 2016. She will be in on Monday and Tuesday 9/19-20 for transitional days, working alongside Tonia.

  • As we wait for the culinary room to be finished, Rusty has been holding classes in the student cafeteria. They will occasionally be walking through the teacher's cafe to get into the kitchen to wash dishes.

  • Click on the following link for the invite to the Cardinal Courtyard dedication ceremony: Cardinal Courtyard Invite

  • Staff will continue to be able to access all of their content on Schoolwires even after being re-directed to Google Sites. Jeff Bradbury will touch on this at the September 19 faculty meeting but these are the basic steps:

    1) go to the district website (don't go to your page)

    2) Click Sign in

    3) Under User Options, click Site Manager

    4) Navigate to whatever section you want to access


  • SPAM: When you check your inbox, you should also check your Spam folder. A lot of emails (some important) are ending up in this folder.
  • School is closed on October 3, 4, & 12 due to religious holidays. Please be cognizant of homework assigned during this time.
  • Safe School Trainings are due October 28: Click on the following link: http://wwrsd.nj.safeschools.com/login Your username is your first initial and last name – i.e.fconnelly.

Monday Meetings

  • September 19: Faculty Meeting (Websites, Jeff Bradbury & College Recommendations, guidance)
  • September 26: Training for teachers with mentors, Training for teachers with hearing impaired students (teachers were emailed), PLC
  • October 3: No School
  • October 10: SGO
  • October 17: Department Meeting
  • October 24: Faculty Meeting (ESL...Sue Wahling & SLE..Dina Murray)

Upcoming Dates

  • September 21: Club Fair during lunch
  • September 21: PD choices due
  • September 29: Back to School Night
  • October 3, 4, & 12: District Closed
  • October 5: Cardinal Courtyard dedication ceremony @ 6:00 PM in the courtyard
  • Oct. 28: Safe Schools Trainings Due
  • October 28: SGOs Due (Supervisor submission may be earlier)