A boy and a Dolphin

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A fisherman and his son

were getting ready to go into the ocean. The father was very excited for this trip, he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now that his son was older and much more mature, he had decided it was time for him to teach his son how to be a fisherman. His father's father was a fisherman, so it was considered a tradition to keep it that way. “You will teach your sons how to be a fisherman too, one day,” the father had said to his son.

The problem was that the boy wasn’t sure if he wanted to become one. Mainly because he disagreed with hurting the animals of the ocean. Which was going against all of his father's teachings. However, the boy was too afraid to tell his father how he felt about this. So he decided to go with him, to make his father proud and happy.

The day went slowly;the boy was sitting down on the old boat, rocking up and down with the rhythm of the calm waves. He watched his father as he got the net ready. Even though he was against this whole trip, he had to admit that the view of the sea with the reflection of the sun was beautiful. The blue and gray sky with the sound of the seagulls made it even more relaxing. He was lost in the stirring of the ocean, daydreaming.

That was until he heard his name being called. “Son, help me throw the net,” the father said. And the boy helped his father throw it into the ocean, hoping they wouldn’t catch anything. “And remember,” the father said. “Always be prepared for what you might catch,” he explained. The boy nodded, feeling unsure and against it.

A few hours had passed, and they still had nothing. This was the third time they were throwing the net into the water. The father decided to let his son throw the net by himself. Minutes later, the boat tilted to the left. Giving them a sign that they had caught something, something big. The dad quickly rushed to the left side of the boat, excited to see what it was. As for the boy, he stood behind his father nervous to see. “Son, quick!” the father yelled excitedly. “Help me pull it in!” The boy against his will went to help his father. The boy and his father continued to pull the net. All they had to do was wait and see what it was.

Sure enough, a dolphin's fin was visible. The father was surprised, this was his first time to catch something other than regular fish. He smiled to his son, while the son stared down at the poor animal trapped in the net. It looked like the dolphin had already been damaged, since it had a scar on its fin. The father patted his son on his back and said: “I knew you had it in you,” As he went inside the boat to get a spear to kill the dolphin. The boy watched horrified as he saw the struggling dolphin. He knew he had to do something, he couldn’t let the innocent dolphin get killed. Making up his mind, he quickly went into his father's tool box, and grabbed a knife. With time running out, he began to cut the side of the net. Trying to make a hole so the dolphin could escape.

A few minutes later, he was finally able to cut the thick rope. Letting the dolphin drop back into the water. The boy watched as the dolphin stared up at him. “Go!” the boy said. As he heard his father coming. The dolphin stood there for a few more seconds, and then vanished into the water. The father came over to the boy, and was confused to see the dolphin gone. “What happened?” the father asked to his son,who was still in shock himself. “I accidentally let go of the net,” the boy said. The father slightly smiled, knowing that he was still learning. “It's alright. I'm sure we'll catch another one.”

An alarm began to sound on the boat. “What does that mean?” asked the son. The father looked outside the boat's cabin and into the sky. “There's a storm coming,” he said. The son was scared; after all, he had never seen such gray clouds before. The father told his son to get inside the boat's cabin, and he did. While the father was trying to close the sail, the boy could feel the waves getting bigger, faster, and stronger. He looked outside the small window and saw a huge wave coming right at them. It was so high and big, it looked like it could eat the boat. His eyes widened at the upcoming wave getting closer and closer; until it hit the boat. Water splashed over the window, making the boy fall down. He quickly got up and went to look out the window, only to find his dad gone.

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He opened the door and began to walk over to the deck. Trying to get a better view, but it was impossible with all the rain,and the boat moving up and down. “Dad!” the boy yelled into the strong storm. But there was no reply, just the loud noise of the rain, and the waves crashing into the boat. The boy went back into the cabin, since it was hard to keep a balanced outside with the waves. He sat in the corner hugging his knees, as he began to cry. He cried for his father, and for what he had done with the dolphin. He felt like he had let his father down.

Ocean Sea Waves Crashing Below The Pier

The storm lasted for a few minutes longer, as it began to calm down. The son walked outside again, with tears in his eyes. He stared into the dark blue ocean, trying to cope with all that had happened. His eyes suddenly began to move onto the direction of a small ray of light appearing from the ocean. He stared confused, yet mesmerized by the light. Unable to believe what he was seeing, he walked closer to the edge of the boat. He grabbed the edge tightly, holding his balance. As he saw a dolphin emerge at the top of a small wave. It was surrounded by the light. The boys mouth was slightly opened seeing not only the dolphin, but what also appeared to look like his father.

Sound Of Dolphins ~ dolphin calls

He then heard the calling of the dolphin, while he saw his father holding onto the fin of the dolphin. The boy was more than happy to see his father alive. He helped him up, and hugged him tightly. The father hugged his boy as well. The boy smiled up at his dad, then looked down at the dolphin and noticed the same scar he had seen on the dolphin he had saved earlier. This brought a smile to the boy's face. He quickly realized it was the same dolphin. “Thank You,” the boy said, as he patted the dolphin's face. The father gave his thanks as well to the creature. After all, it did save his life.

The boy explained to his father who the dolphin was, and how he had saved his life on the net. The father was not upset, rather proud of his son. And that's when he realized that:

An act of kindness is never wasted.