The Murder of Amber Hagerman

By: Grace Kadia

Amber Hagerman was 9 years old when she was brutally murdered, it was when she was suddenly picked up by a pick-up truck and found 4 days later naked and with a slit throat.
"Missing Amber: The Amber Hagerman Story" Documentary Trailer

Facts about Amber and her murder:

  • On the afternoon of January 13th, 1996, Amber Hagerman was abducted from an abandoned parking lot.
  • When Ricky Hagerman, Amber's brother, came home without Amber, their parents were worried, as soon as they showed up to the parking lot, there was no sign of their daughter.
  • Amber was 9 years old when she was abducted and sexually assaulted.
  • Amber was found in an apartment complex creek naked and with a slashed throat.
  • Amber's killer was never found and police vow to have him found after all these years.
  • Amber's body was found 4 weeks after she was murdered.
  • A man in his backyard called the police after he heard Amber's scream
  • Amber was in 3rd grade.
  • Amber's brother was 5 when Amber was taken, now 25, he cries remembering the day his beloved sister was taken.

Amber Hagerman's Death

Wednesday, Jan. 17th 1996 at 9pm

Arlington, TX, United States

Arlington, TX

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Me and Amber: My View On Amber's Death

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Dear Amber,

It's so sad how you died, you were only a little girl.

A little girl like you who didn't get to discover how good life is in a full manner.

You didn't get to fall in love.

You didn't get to meet new friends.

You didn't get to do anything.

I'm so sorry you were murdered.

Sometimes, I cry thinking about the way you died.

I hope you rest in peace, Angel.

R.I.P Amber Hagerman

From, Grace Kadia

Amber's thoughts while being kidnapped

What's happening?

Someone save me!

Is someone coming for me!?

I'm scared!


I don't know what's going on!




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