Welcome to science open house!!!!

Ryan Askary

Earthquake PBL

We worked as a team on a earthquake experiment. Our driving question was "How can we, as Structural Engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand Seismic Activity?" We worked as a team to make blueprints, a map of where Tony Stark's home would be located, designed the home, created interview questions, and did actual shake table yo see if our home would withstand a earthquake. My design for Tony Stark was a home to be built in San Diego, made of steel beams, and concrete construction. However, when we completed our design, it did not hold up to the shake table. I learned from this project that we needed to secure our desgin better using clay. We should have used them better to secure the home. I learned how to work sith my teammates. It was a great experience.

30 Hands Project

30 Hands Project

This project was about the Atmosphere. We used pic collage to design and show pictures of Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change, and what we can do to help stop these changes. We then took these pictures and put them in a app called 30 hands. Then I made a video discussing my research that found using the internet, ISN book, and my Science book. I learned how much human activity contributes and affects our atmosphere. I also learned that my generation should start making changes and take care of our planet.

Invention Convention

Our team had to create and build a product made of reusable trash that higlights one or two of the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). My team decided to create somwthing to temove the acid from our water resources such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. We planned on sucking up water from a lake or rivers and boil it and making it into steam. The steam will tirn into water droplets and is put back and emptied into the lakes or rivers. We are working on this project and hope it will work to solve the acid in our bodies of water.

My Favorite Unit - The Atmosphere

My favorite unit for Science was The Atmosphere. I was really interested in learning why the climate is changing and how humans are contributing to these changes. I enjoyed the project that we had to create called 30 Hands. It helped me get a better understanding of what is happening. I liked the illustrations and videos that we watched. This unit was very helpful and I enjoyed it.