Isla Vista Mass Shooting

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About the Shooter

Elliot Rodger was born in London, England, but moved to the United States when he was 5 years old. He grew up in Las Angeles, with a younger brother and a half brother, as his parents got divorced when he was young. Rodger attended three high schools due to being uncomfortable wherever he was. He ended up going to Santa Barbra City College, but dropped out before his senior year.

Elliot Rodger is believed to have bipolar disorder, as many therapists concluded during his trial. His peers at SBCC have said that he was a pariah, a social outcast. When Elliot would walk through the lunchroom, students would put their heads down, hoping he wouldn't sit next to them. Due to this out casting by his peers, Rodger saw himself as above other as he said, “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male,”

History of Isla Vista

Isla Vista is a town located on the southwestern coast of California. It is a major college town as the University of California Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Community College is located there. The area was originally founded by Mexicans in the early 16th century, however the US purchased the land after the Mexican-American War. Within the past century, the town has become a center for the Air Force, as it was a main target by Japanese ships during World War II.

About the Victims

All Victims of this heinous crime were current students at Santa Barbara Community College, Rodger's peers. He chose the victims at random to prove that he was better than his average classmate. Although it is said he chose the victims at random, he might've picked out two of his co-tenants as they were among the deceased. It is unknown whether or not a prior incident between the three of them could have caused this.

Three of the other victims were all apart of the same sorority, Delta Delta Delta, as they were outside of the Alpha Phi sorority house. These killings are seen as less personal as he used a handgun to murder the girls, while using a knife and handgun to murder his co-tenants. There was one more murdered victim as a student was walking home, Rodger decided to take his life too.

How Did We Get Here?

Rodger Elliot, a sociopath, was trying to be a normal kid. He attended the schools his father wanted him too, and he put forth an effort to blend in. However when he arrived at Santa Barbara Community College, he was instantly set aside as a weird kid and was a social outcast even to those who considered themselves social outcasts. He began to believe himself above everyone else, as he has bipolar disorder, and as the ridicule of being a pariah built up, he started to plan a mass shooting. He planned for an entire year, as to maximize his kill count.


Rodger Elliot went to court in the year 2012, the same year as the shooting. Many people, including the families of those who dies and were injured wanted to see capital punishment, as he took the lives of so many people. However, during his trial he was examined by several doctors, all concluding that he was mentally insane and unfit to be in society. Rodger Elliot will remain in a psychiatric ward for the remainder of his life, or until doctors prove him sane.