Evolution of Bullying

Austin Leland

what is Bullying?

According to the "Webster dictionary" Bullying is defined as follows: "Someone who frightens, hurts, or threatens smaller or weaker people." Bullying is not a laughing matter, it occurs in workplaces and in schools across the globe, indiscriminate of location. Most have heard or at least know of the idea bullying but most aren't aware of the different forms it can take and how it has evolved over the years.

The Many Masks of Bullying.

Bullying can be experienced in many ways:

  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Social/Cyber

Verbal bullying includes teasing, expressing hurtful words, and threatening the safety of others. Throughout society, people have used words to start wars, destroy lives and to verbally wound others. Students in schools experience this every day with name-calling and just pure Gossip. Back before cell phones and Internet capabilities existed Verbal, and Physical bullying ( Physical attacks to one's person which cause bodily harm) were the only ways bullying could manifest its self. Kids could escape their troubles while at home with their families, they cold close their doors and escape. Now, in the 21st Century with access to the internet and socials media its impossible to avoid. With social media being at our fingertips and the use of smartphones always in our pockets escaping people can never happen.

"Generation Text: An Evolution of Bullying" Trailer

Cyber Bullying in the 21st Century

With the invention of social media people have found great uses for it such as, marketing, keeping in contact with family members across the country, and helping students with academics. Unfortunately with all open technology some lack the maturity to use it in appropriate ways. In the last few years a Phenomena Called "Cyber Bullying" has reared its ugly head. Using social media such as FaceBook, people are able to express hurtful options anonymously with false names and bogus accounts. Every time a student or individual logs on to social media they open them selfs up to criticism and negativity. According to

Richard Donegan at Elon University most forms of cyber bullying take place in the form of"...mean or hurtful comments posted online (14.3%, 8.8%), rumors online (13.3%, 6.8%), threats through a cell phone text message (8.4%, 5.4%)." This only names just a few of the possible ways that students are exposed to Cyber attacks at all times.Students and people in general can be susceptible to Cyber attacks but with proper safety precautions taken. Parents can help protect their students and them selfs the dangers of social media and internet access.

With these steps we can stop Cyber bullying and bullying in general in its tracks!

How to Beat Cyberbullies


Bullying has taken many forms over the years, from face to face, physical and verbal, to cyber bullying and using the internet. But no matter what look you give it bullying is still bullying. It is our job as individuals as part of a collective society to help put a stop to this. We can help by speaking out to people when we see this going on in our daily lives. It just takes a few moments, and we can change the lives of others around us. We will all be happier and better for it in the end.