Montgomery Bus Boycott

By: Alyssa Brown

Due To The Desire Of Equality Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott Was A Success

In 1955-1956 most of the colored people boycotted the National Bus Line.
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Life Isnt A Equal Sign

Back in 1955 colored people could not ride in the front of the bus. It was considered "whites only". Just like bathrooms and water fountains were separated. It wasn't right we are all people. There were laws against then and they were even worse.

Making A Change

The colored thought that they should have some sort of rights. They started to boycott the buses and refused to ride them. Martin Luther King Jr. had been hired to get those rights for them. They had to walk or car pole where ever they went. Martin had been getting threats from people and was in danger by whites. He was always accompanied by others for protection. He was arrested on April 12th as, he was supposed to be kept over night but a riot grew and they let him go early.

Life Now

When the colored succeeded in the civil rights movement they did not cheer they were told to be normal. They would walk on the bus pay sit down and act like nothing happen. Over the next couple of years everything else went down also. Everyone started using the same bathroom, and water fountains. Everything was starting to look like life is now.