RAD-iation in Cancer Treatment

By: Joey O'Kelly, Lauren Bahr, and Ellie Magera

Radioactive Isotopes used to treat cancer

Radioactive Isotopes are a tried and true therapy for treating some types of cancer. These radioactive isotopes are inserted into the body and destroy cancer cells.


⅔ of patients will receive radiation treatment.

50% of people with brain cancer and receive treatment will survive

59% of people with lung cancer and receive treatment will survive

75% of people with other cancer and receive treatment will survive

Radioactive Isotopes History

“Nuclear medicine was developed in the 1950s by physicians with an endocrine emphasis, initially using iodine-131 to diagnose and then treat thyroid disease.”

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Pros of Radioactive isotopes in Radiation Therapy

  • Effective way to get rid of cancerous tumors
  • Prolongs life

Cons of Radioactive isotopes in Radiation Therapy

  • You are putting radioactive materials in your body
  • Expensive
  • Kills more than just the cancerous cells in the body

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