Freshmen Lighting Assignment

Lighting 101

The Task

The students will set up and shoot 20 pictures that will include one of each: back, back corrected, front, side, top, bottom, Fluorescent, 2 existing light, Outdoor lighting (same scene and object: Flat, Diffused, and Reflective) Indoor (Same Scene and object: Flat, Diffused, Reflective), Contrast, Refractive, lens flare, Silhouette and Cameo.
Resources needed: Camera, three lights, some sort of reflector (foam core, mirror, cardboard mounted with aluminum foil, etc..), some sort of diffusion (Silk, Wax Paper, Thin Bed Sheet, etc......


The Presentation Tool: Powerpoint or Google Slides

After taking these pictures you will then choose your favorite 15 (you must include the 3 indoor and 3 outdoor ones and the uni color one). You will put each of these pictures into PowerPoint with a title of the shot and a description of where the light is coming from. I will be looking for properly lit objects/talent along with creatively composed shots.

Make sure to prep before you shoot. Did you prepare all your gear? SD Card, batteries, filter, bounce board, etc....?

Uni Color

The last shot will be of 3 objects the same color (uni color) with the same color background with two light sources highlighted the objects.
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Project Due: Jan. 24, 2017

Must be completed in either PowerPoint or Google Slides and must be sent to my email at by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday Jan. 24th