Parking Lot Safety

Please take a few minutes to review the rules for dropping off and picking up students at school. Everyone must do their part to make it work!

  • There is never parking in the drop-off/pick up lane. If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in one of the two parking lots.

  • There is one lane in and one lane out of the parking lot. Please do not pass other cars and create additional lanes. The cars in the thru lane have the right of way.

  • Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive. You are welcome to park in one of the two lots to complete any morning tasks.

  • Always find the nearest crosswalk. Please do not cross or ask your student to cross in an unmarked location.

  • Pull all the way forward in the lane and be ready to exit on the right side of the vehicle. It is not safe to exit on the left.

  • Never enter the bus zone. This area is strictly for buses that come and go throughout the day.

  • Please respect our staff members and their decisions. Your child’s safety is always their first priority.

**We are looking for an additonal crossing guard to help keep Hunter a safe place for your students! Please let the office or Mrs. Schumacher know if you are interested.**