September 11

America is Attacked

What Happend?

In the late summer of 2001 two American passenger planes were hijacked and used as missiles to hit the World Trade Center in New York City.

Who, Where, How

American Retribution

Since 2001 America has spent almost 2.4 trillion dollars in an attempt to destroy Islamic terrorism around the world. America has fought in the Middle East and Africa killing 4 million Muslims including the most wanted man in the world Osama bin Ladin


After 9/11 many Americans called for war against Islam and Al Qaeda. With Islam being the focal point of the war conservative people believe the Islam is a religion of hate and war. Since the 9/11 was carried out by Muslims and millions of Muslim men have joined terrorist organizations like the Taliban and ISIS that have murdered a estimated 2.3 million people around the world, not to mention military personnel. These people are committing what is called Jihad, a honor killing called by their Allah to ride the world of infidels a "key part of Islamic faith".


Many leftists have come to believe that America should not be waging a war in the Middle East. These people believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Most claim that you can't judge all of Islam by the acts of a few. Also with the growing number of Muslim Americans liberals are seeing a domesticated Islam in America. With this view many have blamed America and are now "shaming" the United States for its acts against Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.

Media After 2001

In many ways the American media giant has been able to shape and change America by what they choose to broadcast. The closer someone gets to 9/11 the media shows more and more coverage of what Muslims are doing wrong. Lots of stories on the war and Al Qaeda. Now days the media has shifted sides to meet a more "caring" demand by many Americans. As they try and show Islam as a religion of peace. Since Islam has not changed and there are still large amounts of Muslims committing genocide the media still shifts for ratings.


Muslims have been depicted by as savages by many Americans because of the many attacks carried out by Muslims. But is that wrong to think like that? I mean only at least 142 attacks on Americans since 9/11 killing over 4,800 of US citizens in 17 countries. I mean only.
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