Stay Happy, Learn More

Can emotions affect how your students learn?

The way you are treated could help or neglect your learning state.

Studies have shown that when a farmer treats his cow patiently and calmly, the cow will be friendlier, happier, and more willing to communicate with the farmer. The same studies have shown that when a farmer is more dominant, loud, and aggressive with his cows, they will be more nervous, frustrated, and anxious.

How is the information significant?

The information above is important because it shows that when you treat your students in a way that would make them feel good and comfortable, they will learn more and remember more of what you taught them in class. It also shows that if you treat your students in a way that they most likely won't enjoy, they will not have a good time in your class and will not remember everything you taught them.
How A Child's Emotions Affects Their Learning Ability - Jane Healy, PhD

Other studies have shown...

...that a when a young child has an encounter with a dog, a recall of pleasurable encounters will encourage the child to reach out and touch the dog. If you are alone during a thunderstorm or wet or hungry, you will not really have a pleasurable time during the storm. But, if you are with someone who isn't scared and who will tell you that you are safe (like a parent) you will have a better experience with the storm.

This information is important because... shows that when a child has comfort during something that may scare them, they will remember it the next time it happens and they may not be scared. It also shows that a child with not as much comfort will not remember it as a good time and most likely won't remember most of it. This shows that a child with comfort will remember more and will probably enjoy it more the next time.

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