A Gritty Hero

Noah French

Interview with a true hero.

How many children can ride a unicycle or perform on a trapeze? Only a few. Meet Molly French, one of those lucky few. From her extensive practice, and her self taught lessons, listen to my hero, Molly French, share how working hard has helped her. Enjoy!

Albert French

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A hero is someone who has helped and impacted us positively today. For example, Albert Einstein helped develop the atomic bomb, came up with the idea of a space-time continuum, and won the Nobel Prize. Albert Einstein is a true hero because he has impacted human life today, and has helped many people.

"For the record, I am not afraid of getting in an fight if it is worth it."--Molly French

Choose Grit Any Day

Here is a small portion from my reasearch essay on grit.

Lincoln, Steve Jobs, and George Washington: what do they have in common? Authentic grit. Grit is showing “passion and perseverance in pursuit of long-term goals" (Miller). Grit has been proven through several studies to help people succeed...

Molly Dictionary:

"Stop" = "You have three seconds to live!"

"Well actually...." = "You are about to learn something useful so listen up!"

"Noah, could you be a dear and ______" = "Will you do me a favor?"

"Why? Why, why why?" = "Do you have a brain?"

"Cough Cough" = "Excuse me for a minute" or "I am trying to subtle hint that you should act differently"

"Queso?" = "Wait, what?"

"No comment" = "Do you really need an answer to that?"

"Hey there, Loser!" = "Hi Noah? How are you?"

"Love you hobbit!" = "Love you, Noah"