Pitcairn island

Ron pursell

Landforms of the region:

Acadia islands,bounty bay,and Henderson island

Bodies of water

Mediterranean Sea,the Atlantic Ocean,the Pacific Ocean



Mountain ranges

mostly submarine


humid and tropical


Homalium taypau (ARKive), Ixora fragrans (Pflanzenwelt Polynesiens), Coprosma benefica


Pitcairn Reed Warbler, known by Pitcairners as a "sparrow" and lots of different fish

Natural resources

Iron, copper, gold, and silver


Pitcairn Island, in the South Pacific about midway between Australia and South America, consists of the island of Pitcairn and the three uninhabited islands of Henderson, Duicie, and Oeno

People and languages

Pitcairn is a small island, 2 square miles, of 48 people and Pitkern (also Pitcairnese) is a creole language based on an 18th century dialect of English and Tahitian

Land use

arable land
permanent crops
permanent pastures
forests and woodland

Religion and education

The residents of Pitcairn Island are all Seventh-day Adventist. Pulau School provides pre-school and primary education for resident children