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March 2022

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Welcome to the March newsletter! Thank you for taking the time to read what we've been up to in March. April is poetry month and we're in full swing planning poetry reading and writing promotions (resources featured below). Teachers - please take a look at the asynchronous professional development opportunities that will be offered April 1-3.

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Highlights in this newsletter include:

  1. Instructional collaboration in March
  2. Reading promotions: resources for students and teachers
  3. Professional development/teacher choice opportunities April 1-3.

Library Instruction Highlights

LEE's Coach Garcia & US Government Students

Thank you to Coach Garcia who brought her US Government students to the library for a TEKS-based inquiry project. After exploring Supreme Court landmark cases, each student selected one case for more investigation. Using library databases and reliable online sources, students gathered information about the cases and their impact. The culminating project enables each student to share their research with a larger peer audience.

Students were challenged to examine how they determine source reliability. For more resources on how to help students determine source reliability, take a look at this guide from Stanford University's Civic Online Reasoning for information on Lateral Reading.

Reading Promotions & Resources for Students

Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month: Please stop by the library to take a look at the vast collection of both old and new works of poetry we have available for checkout! We also have many novels in verse which are essentially stories that are written in a narrative poem format. Never heard of verse poetry? Learn more about novels in verse from the Poets. org website.

New Mystery Novels

Stop by to see our new mystery novels: we have plenty of new titles for mystery fans. No time to stop by the library? We have many eBook and audiobook titles available 24/7 for checkout. You can visit the Sora eBook app by going to Launchpad --> Library Resources folder --> Sora eBook. If you'd like more assistance with using the app, watch this short video to get started!

No printer at home? Check out this NEW resource!

New printing services now available at San Antonio Public libraries: Your neighborhood library now offers REMOTE printing! To learn more, use this link: PrintOnline at SAPL.

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Curriculum & Instruction Support for Teachers

Earth Day Resources

Earth Day is Friday, April 22:

Flipgrid has resources to encourage and empower students to get involved with conservation efforts at the local level. For students interested in pursuing volunteer opportunities at the national and international level, there are links to well-known organizations.

Looking for database resources? Discovery Education (Launchpad-->Library Resources folder-->Discovery Education) has an entire channel dedicated to Earth Day. (Must be signed in to use link).

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Media Literacy

Social Media and Disinformation

It is no surprise to learn that for most teens, their primary source for news is social media. As a result, it is imperative that educators provide instruction as to how to navigate this media landscape. Without specific strategies for understanding disinformation, students cannot be expected to inform their decision-making with reliable information. Helping students with this essential skill is not only critical for their well-being but also safeguards our democracy. Read more about one educator's account of how he handles the misinformation that his students encounter on TikTok here.

If you are not sure how to engage your students in discussions about how to spot disinformation in social media, Mediawise can help. Designed specifically to engage teens about memes, viral videos, and content posted on social media, Mediawise teen fact-checking network speaks directly to a teen audience. Resources for educators are completely free.

Take a look at the Mediawise video below to better understand how these resources will empower your students:

Was 2021 the deadliest year for police? | Is This Legit?

Professional Development Opportunities in April

Online/Self-Paced Teacher Choice Opportunities:

Using Google Slides as a tool for students to demonstrate learning

When: Friday, April 1st through Sunday, April 3rd

Google Slides is not just for presentations. It is an amazingly diverse tool that allows students to create and share their learning in a variety of ways, including digital publishing, drag and drop activities, stop motion creations, etc. Learn how to use the features in Slides to create interactive and engaging lessons and opportunities for students to demonstrate and share their learning in a multitude of ways. This is an online course that will be completed at your own pace. Materials will be sent out on Friday, April 1st. You will have until midnight on Sunday, April 3rd, to complete the course.

Sign up in Strive HERE!

Power Up Instruction with Pear Deck

When: Friday, April 1st through Sunday, April 3rd

Learn how to harness the power of using Pear Deck to take static lessons and create opportunities for students to interact with content and demonstrate their understanding as well as empowering you, the teacher, to monitor and adjust your instruction along the way for more impactful and effective learning outcomes. This will be a self paced virtual course. The link to participate will be sent out the evening before the course opens.

Sign up in Strive HERE

Sora eBook & Audiobook Circulation

The LEE Library thanks all LEE and ISA teachers who promote the library's electronic collection!

Sora checkouts (eBook and audiobook combined):

March 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022: 11

Coming in April:

  • Celebrating Poetry Month
  • Earth Day resources
  • Sora eBook app Accessibility features

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