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Nov. 1-Nov.4

Past & Present

Last week we enjoyed learning about letter Tt. We enjoyed bringing in a toy from home and using it to guide our writing. We also enjoyed bringing in a special Teddy Bear. We read to our Teddy and also engaged in music and movement with our Teddy. Towards the end of the week, we started gearing up for Halloween. We loved creating a Haunted Sticker Story.

This week it is all about letter Aa and our new sight word is "have". On Monday we had fun participating in our first D.P.S Halloween parade. The costumes were awesome. A special, "Thank you" to those parents who sent in items for our Halloween party. Pictures from the day are on our class blog (

*Students are required to complete a weekly cutting and pasting activity. Please save old newspapers and magazines. You can also get fliers from the grocery store as you enter or save some of our daily activities which may have pictures that go along with our letter of the week. The activity will be assigned on Thursday and is due on Monday. *


Letter: Aa

Blends: at, am (Tam, Sam, ram, ham, yam, mat, sat, rat, cat)

Spelling Words: to,a, the, am, little, I, is, red, have

Focus: Nouns for places and things


Reading and writing numbers 6-10-Test Friday!


  • Emergency Go Home Drill is Friday. Students leave 15 minutes early. All students leave school on a bus.
  • I will not be sending home a November snack calendar right away. We have leftovers we need to use up.
  • Brown Bag Auction items are due by Nov. 16.


November 1-4

Nightly Assignments:

  • Read a book from your Keepsake Book Box
  • Review sight word recognition and writing
  • Review letters/letter sounds

Homework-To be returned

Monday:Have fun Trick or Treating.

Tuesday: Monday/Tuesday Worksheet

Wednesday: Complete a Practice Portfolio Activity.

Thursday: Letter Aa Cut and Paste activity. Return by Monday.

Friday: Read