Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

19 September 2014

Dear Parent/Carer

This newsletter is coming to you today in a revised electronic format which I hope you will find both useful and convenient. I would appreciate any feedback you can give about our newsletter. We are contacting you all via text message this week with information about the way we are now going to send this letter out to you. Anyone who still prefers a paper copy can have one on request. We do feel that we can save quite an amount of money over a year by not giving every pupil a paper copy every time.

New Text Messaging system

We are in the process of moving to a new service for our text messages which will offer us better value for money, enabling us to keep in closer contact with you. If you find you are no longer receiving text messages from us, please contact the office so that we can update your mobile phone information.
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Y5 Science Field Trip : Rocky Shore Ramble

The science department wanted to start the year with an engaging hands-on field trip to make learning about life on the rocky shore real, relevant and inspiring to pupils. The trip was delivered by Annie Russell, a Marine Biologist from Newcastle University's Dove Marine Lab in Cullercoats.

The aims of the trip were to explore life on the rocky shore, find out what marine biologists do, look at problems facing marine life and learn how we can make a difference. Children were also able to get close up to animals and look at their adaptations and how scientists classify them.

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Pupils spent the morning on the rocky shore, delving into rockpools and sliding around seaweed. Excited and spurred on by finds of starfish, crabs, sea anemones, fish and more. Having lunch on the beach was an unexpected pleasure also.

During the afternoon pupils worked in the Victorian-built Lab and learned lots about crustaceans, echinoderms and cnidarian. Getting the chance to hold a lobster, velvet swimming crab and starfish proved to be very popular, as well as looking around the lab aquarium.

I must commend each and every pupil for their outstanding behaviour and enthusiasm throughout each day. They were a credit to our school and displayed a keen scientific interest. Thanks to all staff involved and particularly our parent helpers, who proved to be experts in rockpooling: Mrs Ford, Mr Doran, Mr Hunsford, Mrs Kimage, and Miss Thompson.

Thanks also to parents and carers for contributing to the cost of the trip, it is greatly appreciated. Please visit our website to see more photos from the trips and work produced by pupils.

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Key Stage 2 Heroes

12 September 2014
19 September 2014

F.W.S News

A warm welcome to Wellfield Middle School from FWS (Friends of Wellfield Middle School). We are in need of new members to our small but very friendly team. Our meetings are short and our need is great. If you can spare a little of your time to get involved it would be greatly appreciated. Our first meeting is on Monday 29th September at 5pm and will only last an hour. If you would like to get involved please contact the school office to let Mrs Kemp know that you're coming.

Lunchtimes at Wellfield

You may be interested to know about opportunities available to pupils at lunchtime. Earlier this week I toured the school at lunchtime and was most impressed by the things pupils were engaged with after having had their lunches. These involved a gymnastics club, a lego club, a meeting of our choir, a chess club and a homework club. I am very impressed by the number of pupils attending these clubs and delighted that we are able to offer these. Some of these clubs do not operate every single day but there is usually a range of things that pupils can do each day. The homework club is open every day except Friday for virtually the whole of lunchtime and is staffed so that help can be given if necessary. Other clubs, of course, take place after school including football and netball. I hope you will encourage your child to get involved in some of these activities.

Well Done and Congratulations

Well done to Lottie Rhodes in 5N who has recently been involved in in the filming of the new Wolfblood series on CBBC, where she plays a young wild wolfblood. She is in all of the short CBBC episodes and also in several episodes on the TV near the end of series 3. Lottie has a major part in the first “webisode” that was released just over a week ago. Well done again, Lottie, on acquiring this your first professional acting role and every good wish for the future.

Northern Gas – Work on Kielder Road

Northern Gas are doing urgent pipe replacement work in the area around our school and I have been informed today that work will commence in Kielder Road from Monday 29 September. We requested a delay until half term but it seems this is not possible. I would, therefore, ask you to take extreme care from Monday 29th September. If you bring your child to school by car and not under any circumstances attempt to gain access to Kielder Road. Please ask your child to take care when walking on Kielder Road and on adjacent roads . Cycles should be wheeled off site and not mounted until clear of the repair works. We have agreed with Northern Gas that there is a “work shut down” at the start and end of school such that no machinery will be in use at these times. Pupils should not bring scooters to school during the duration of the works. Representatives from Northern Gas will speak to pupils in assembly next week to re-inforce key messages on health and safety. These are major repair works and will cause severe problems if we don’t work together. I feel we have done all we can at school now and ask for your help, support and co-operation over the next few weeks.

Whilst on the subject of road safety I recently had a call from a very concerned parent who experienced a young boy, possibly year 5, darting out in front of her vehicle on a scooter without any due care and attention. Fortunately the parent was alert and moving at slow speed but this could have been catastrophic. Please think carefully before allowing your child to bring scooters into school and do please talk to them about road safety.

School Council

I am delighted to announce that the following pupils have been elected as School Council Representatives for the year 2014/15. This is a significant role within the school. School Council members communicate issues to their form classes and bring issues to the regular meetings that we have for discussion and debate. In addition members of the School Council are involved in the appointment of all teaching posts in our school. Well done and congratulations to :


Finlay Earnshaw, Holly Turner, Ella Bullock, Thomas Worsdale, Nina Wilson, Sean McCormack


Rebecca Strachan, Tiana Brown, Amelia Harrison, Leo Ballard, Callum Dryland, Ellie Fairley


Darcey Nicholson, Joe Howells, Jaden Besford, Callum McPherson, Jessica Lively, Adam Parsley, Emily Pearson


Cem Yilmaz, Ryan Cooke, Emily Astrid Maines-Hollingsworth, Benjamin Smyth, Nathan Hawkins, Maddison Mason-Tipple.

France Trip – October 13-17

As previously announced last term there is a meeting for parents of all pupils going on the France trip this coming Monday 22 September at 6pm in school. This is an important meeting at which information about final arrangements will be given out. If you cannot make this meeting please inform us so that we can ensure you receive the information you require.


This week in assembly time Lisa Jones from NSPCC spoke to all pupils about the work of her organisation. As a school we try to support NSPCC by fundraising every other year. This year we are intending to organise a sponsored dance event in school. Pupils are asked to take part in school and hopefully raise some money along the way via sponsorship. Your child, therefore, if they wish, should do the dance event which will be a fun easy to do event next Thursday in school for a short time during the day and then bring in any sponsor money they have raised by the following week. I hope you will encourage your child to do this and support the work of this organisation.

Parentalk and All Together Better

Parentalk is a group which explores the joys and challenges of being a parent/carer of children 0-18. The group meets at 9-15am each Thursday at Whitley Bay Baptist Church. For more information please contact Christine Kaine 07905 674 952 christine.kaine@wbbc.org.uk

All Together Better is for parents/carers of children and young people (0-25) with additional needs. For more information please contact emma.raynor@voda.org.uk or visit their website : www.alltogetherbetter.info/

60th anniversary celebrations

October will mark the 60th anniversary of the opening of our school and we hope to hold a number of events in school to acknowledge this, including a street party and the planting of a time capsule. We also hope to order some commemorative souvenirs for all pupils. Look out for more details nearer the time.


All pupils should have now received their MyMaths passwords. MyMaths is a website with a vast amount of resources to support your child's learning in Maths. Homework will also sometimes be set on MyMaths and can be completed at home or at homework club run by Mrs Nelson every lunchtime except Fridays in the ICT room. Pupils will be encouraged to use the resources on MyMaths for independent learning when they feel they need some extra practice in a certain skill, or indeed if they want to look at other topics and areas of Maths. We feel this is a valuable resource and hope you find it useful to support your child in Maths.


Pupils should also have received their IRIS passwords. IRIS is our behaviour monitoring system and allows us to track pupil behaviour. Pupils can log on and see how many merits they have received. Later this term we will run our first merits shop where pupils can exchange their merits for items such as stationery, early lunch passes, non uniform passes, VIP lunch passes, or they can choose to save up their merits for bigger value items such as a film afternoon or day out to the beach. Merits available to spend at the shop are indicated on the bank balance. Remember that pupils will automatically receive a daily merit if they arrive to school on time, wearing the correct uniform and with the correct equipment for school. IRIS will also show if pupils have had any detentions with a brief reason. Please contact Mrs Bullock if you have any further questions about IRIS.

Sports News

Year 7 played their first game of the new season against Gosforth Junior High on Tuesday night. After an early goal for Wellfield, the year 7s defended well against a strong Gosforth side. A spectacular free kick from Connor Freestone increased the lead and although Gosforth scored a late goal, Wellfield held on for a 3-2 victory and progressed into the next round of the cup.

Upcoming Fixtures

Monday 22nd Year 8 vs. Valley (H)

Thursday 25th Year 7 vs Valley (H)

Monday 29th Year 7 vs. St Thomas More (A)

Morrisons Let's Grow

The Morrisons Let's Grow programme is back for it's 7th year! pupils, parents and friends can collect Let’s Grow vouchers at their local Morrisons stores from Monday 1st September until Sunday 26th October 2014. For every £10 spent in Morrisons supermarkets and every £5 spent in Morrisons M local stores, customers receive one voucher – redeemable against any of the equipment in our Let’s Grow catalogue. Since the campaign began, over 26,500 schools have taken part and 5 million children up and down the UK now have access to Let’s Grow gardening equipment. Incredibly, that means half of the UK’s children can get stuck into gardening and learn about where real food comes from.

Open Door Policy

I would finally like to remind all parents that we have an open door policy here and are very approachable if you have any concerns or issues and we are always prepared to listen to parents and solve any problems that may arise from time to time. I am aware of issues relating to our school being discussed on facebook currently and would ask again that if you have a concern please talk to us directly so that we can do something about the problem. Thank you.