September 2019 Newsletter

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Pictured above: (back l-r) Tamwina Daniels, Saraswati Hendrix, Rhashida Bunyan

(front l-r) Emily Neff, Deanna Appleton, Debbie Kilpatrick

It has been a joy seeing so many of you over the past several days. We hope that the 2019-2020 school year has gotten off to a great start!!! The RHHS School Counselors are excited to re-introduce our monthly newsletter. We will be sharing information related to the areas of academic achievement, career awareness, social/emotional development, and other related topics. Students and parents are encouraged to contact their School Counselor with questions about any of the information presented in this newsletter. **

**Counselors email addresses are listed at the end of this newsletter.

What's going on at THE HILL?

Past Events:

Upcoming Events:

  • Sophomore and Junior Parent Night- September 10th, 6:00 pm
  • Freshman Parent Night- September 17th, 6:00 pm
  • College Knowledge Month- October
  • Financial Aid Workshop- October 8th, 6:00 pm
  • PSAT- October 16th (10th graders and 11th graders who've signed up)
  • College and Career Night- October 22nd, 6:00 pm
  • ASVAB-November 6th, at RHHS

7 Mindsets

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7 Mindsets

We are so proud to introduce our new character education program, the 7 Mindsets! 7 Mindsets is a research-based program that helps your students learn what it takes to be happy and successful. This program focuses on 7 mindsets; Everything is Possible, Passion First, We Are Connected, 100% Accountable, Attitude of Gratitude, Live to Give, and The Time is Now. Throughout the year we will be doing lessons once a week during our Advisement time. Last week your students were introduced to the 7 Mindsets program. Next week they will begin lessons on Mindset #1 - Everything is Possible.

Throughout the year in our newsletter, we will be giving you updates on what your students are learning in advisement. We would love to extend the dialogue into your homes. Our hope is that everyone that this program touches will be happy and successful!

Please click on the link to watch a short introductory video from 7 Mindsets.


Welcome Class of 2023!!!

This year is a very exciting year for students, parents and our staff. This is the beginning of your high school career, and it is important to start off the year organized, prepared, and informed! This year, your grades count toward your GPA, so it’s important to practice doing your best in all classes. If you find a class difficult, your teachers and counselors are here to help. However, you must let us know you need help. Please ask for assistance as soon as you believe you need it. Below are a few tips to help keep you on track!

Middle to High School What to Expect

Understanding what will be helpful in a student’s transition from middle school to high school is very crucial in 9th grade. Student’s and parent’s can develop strategies for success by learning more about transitioning to high school:


  1. Attend school daily establish “lights out” routine & remove electronics.
  2. Make sure they are eating breakfast.
  3. Accept no excuses for not attending school unless seriously ill.
  4. Learn the school policy for excusing absences.


  1. Provide your student with a basic calendar/planner.
  2. Make sure your student has a place to store assignments at home.
  3. Do backpack checks to make sure your student is staying organized.
  4. Discuss projects and lessons ahead of time.


  1. Establish a time and place for your student to study at least 45mins.
  2. Review student’s planner/Google Classroom to see what work they should be doing or upcoming exams.
  3. If there is no actual assignment, you student should reread and/or rewrite notes or have a book to read.

Peer relationships

  1. Be aware of who your student associates with.
  2. Be aware of how your student reacts in conflict situations.
  3. Friendships from elementary and middle school change.
  4. Encourage involvement in school activities.


  1. Encourage your student to communicate with school staff when having difficulty.
  2. Help your student figure out transportation to and from school if they need to stay after.
  3. RHHS has resources and support. JUST ASK!

Stay Informed

  1. PowerSchool- view attendance, grades, and assignments.
  2. Email/call teachers or counselor if there is a concern.
  3. Attend parent conferences in the Fall/Spring.
  4. Check school websites for latest information.

Graduation Requirements


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Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 7:30am

1 Wildcat Drive

Richmond Hill, GA

***All RHHS 10th grade students will be taking the PSAT for free.

PSAT Online Study Guide:

Click here HERE to access online study guide for PSAT/NMSQT. Your score on the PSAT is a direct reflection of how well you will do on the SAT, so make sure you study! Practice makes perfect!

The PSAT doesn’t have a direct impact on the admissions process, unlike the SAT and ACT. Taking the PSAT is an informal way for you to practice your standardized testing skills and gain an understanding of your relative performance on the SAT, and so you can begin composing your SAT/ACT study plan and forecasting your admissions chances at colleges of interest.

What Should 10th Graders Focus On To Prepare For College Admissions?

Sophomore year continues the journey toward discovering your interests and preparing for college admissions. Whether you aced freshman year and are eager to continue building your admissions profile, or you got off to a shaky start in high school and want to refocus on your priorities, sophomore year is an important year for admissions.

· Continue to develop extracurricular activities. Join clubs, volunteer, get a job, join a sports team, etc.

· Prepare for the SAT or ACT and understanding PSAT scores

· Choose challenging classes with an upward trend in mind


As a junior, you need to start planning for what’s next after high school. What are your interests? What skills do you have? What is your dream career? How much will it cost to achieve my dream job? These questions can help guide you towards your goal of a fulfilling career. But, how do you know the steps to take to get that dream job? can give you the tools to forge your own career path and even help you pay for some of the training or education you need!

What is provides information for ALL students, not just the ones planning on going to college. This website is designed specifically for Georgia students to help prepare students for life after high school. Here are just a few of the things you can do on

  • Explore career options through CareerOneStop and My Next Move

  • Research all 2-year and 4-year colleges in Georgia

  • Learn about scholarships and grants, like HOPE and Zell Miller

  • Track your HOPE GPA and rigor courses to determine if you’re eligible for HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarships

  • Send transcripts to any Georgia college or university for FREE

  • Complete career and interest inventories

If you already have a GAfutures account, that’s great! Log in and make sure everything is up to date.

If you don’t have a GAfutures account yet, create one! It only takes a few minutes. You’ll need your GTID#, which you can find on your PowerSchool account under My Career Plan.

If you forgot your username/password, click Forgot Username or Forgot Password on the sign-in page, or contact customer service via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 7:30am

1 Wildcat Drive

Richmond Hill, GA

***11th graders have the option to sign up and pay to take the PSAT for $17. Taking the PSAT as an 11th grader is a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship (NMSQT). The deadline to sign up is September 13th.


Decisions, Decisions….

What is your plan after high school? Where are you going to college? Where are you going to work? What do you want to be? What do you want to do? If you have answered “ I don’t know” to any or all these questions, it is time to explore your options.

1. Georgia Futures

Georgia futures is a one stop shop of information for College and career information. If you are looking for a place to start, Georgia Futures is your best bet.

2. Visit.

College bound- start planning college visits. Mrs. Appleton in the College and Career Center would be a great resource to begin the visit planning process. All schools welcome visitors including technical and trade schools.

Military bound. Visits to explore locate military bases are also possible by contacting the base Visitor Information Center at any installation. To contact Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield call (912) 767-8673.

3. Test the Waters.

Interested in a specific field, seek out a mentor. Finding someone who is working in an area of your interest can better clarify what steps are needed to achieve your goal.

4. Work.

Work experience adds to life experience which builds character. Work experience comes from all places; church, community service, volunteering, and paid employment. Each of these opportunities helps you grow and prioritize your passions. Volunteer opportunities can be found at

Each option provided is a chance to begin a new adventure and discover a connection to interests that feed your passion. The path you choose is your own, and the choices are abundant. Explore and enjoy the journey!

SENIORS! Presidential Scholarship Opportunities await you. Self-Nominations can be submitted in 1 of 3 categories-Academic, Art, or CTEA. Nominations are submitted through Google Forms provided to you in Advisement( and below), then join the Google Classroom to complete applications and provide supporting documents in Google Classroom. Don’t hesitate, Deadline for Nomination October 11th and Applications with documentation due October 14th.


College and Career Expo


October 22nd 2019


Several Employers, Colleges and Universities will be present to answer questions and promote their organization.

Don’t Miss it!

Visit O*NET OnLine to explore careers, occupations, and job analysis

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Dual Enrollment Students

All students enrolled in dual enrollment classes will now be assigned to Ms. Deanna Appleton for their school counselor. location: RM. 602

Stay Connected by Joining the Google Classroom Code:v2ctj0b

Interested in FREE college while still in high school?

Are you


Motivated and

Looking for a Challenge?

Consider taking college classes through dual enrollment!

Find out more information about each partnering campus and the criteria to participate:

Deadline for Spring Semester 2020: November 22nd @ 3PM

Are you on Track?

Check out what it takes…

University System of Georgia (USG) Requirements

Check out Georgia’s College Connector: Your Guide to College & Career Success

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

College Planning- Rack up the $$$

Collegeboard has a great program where students can be part of a scholarship drawing each month by completing steps of the college search/admissions process.

It's not too late to get started! Make sure your students are using Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy® and registering for the SAT as well as exploring colleges using BigFuture™ to strengthen your college list. The Practice and Strengthen Scholarships close at the end of October.

Here's a great resource (.pdf/768 KB) about how to strengthen your college list!

Books & Ball SAT/ACT Workshop ️️📚🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🥎🎾🏐

ESPN Coastal Georgia & ESPN Savannah 104.3 & AM 1400 are offering this FREE SAT/ACT tutoring workshop to area prep student athletes in grades 9-12. In partnership with Vaden Automotive in Brunswick, Savannah and Hinesville, the classes are held monthly for 2 hours at no cost to our student athletes.

  • Mercer University: Thurs. September 12 EAST CAFÉ 12pm-1pm
  • Georgia Tech Info Session: Wed. September 18 2pm- 2:45 LINK- Sign up in 602- Meet required criteria.
  • Mars Hill University: Mon. September 16 EAST CAFÉ table 10:40AM-1PM
  • Oglethorpe University: Tues. September 17 EAST CAFÉ table 10:40AM-1PM
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: Wed. September 18 EAST CAFÉ 10:40-1PM
  • US NAVY: Thurs. September 19 EAST CAFÉ 10:40-1PM
  • Berry College: Fri. September 20 EAST CAFÉ 10:40- 1PM
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Due to the unique challenges faced by military families, the Department of Defense offers private and confidential counseling services to military service members and their families. The mission of the MFLC program is to provide short-term, solution focused counseling, support and education. Military counselors may assist military connected students with a variety of issues including: communication, self-esteem/self-confidence, school issues, life stressors, resolving conflicts, behavioral management techniques, building resiliency, sibling/parental relationships, and deployment and reintegration. Within a safe, therapeutic relationship, MFLCs help military children and their parents to cope with normal reactions to the varied stresses of military life, to enhance their lives and to boost military readiness and resiliency.

Ms. Imler is the military counselor for Richmond Hill High School. You can find her in the counseling suite, room 515 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For more information about MFLC services call (912)271-9725.

NOTE: Parents must sign a consent form (below) before the MFLC counselor can talk with their child.


Personal Wellness

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Rhashida Bunyan- (A thru De Cesari)

Emily Neff- (De La Cruz thru Hicks)

Tam Daniels- (Hickson thru Medrano)

Debbie Kilpatrick- (Medsker-Sams)

Saraswati Hendrix- (Sanchez-Z)

Deanna Appleton (College and Career Counselor)

Dawn Imler- (Military Family Life Counselor)