Mrs. Wells' Reader

May 4th-8th

This Week's Focus

Reading-We are working on TRC question stems to respond to reading.

Writing-The students are finishing up their poem and characteristics.

Math-We will work with fractions on number lines and word problems.

Fundations-We are finishing up with Unit 9. We fell behind due to MAP testing this past week and the field trip. Unit 10 homework will go home on Thursday of this week.

  • Students will learn how to read and spell r-controlled syllables in isolation and when combined with other syllable types. They will also learn there is an exception to the r-controlled rule: If the r is followed by another r, the preceding vowel is often short. In the second week, they will learn additional sounds for ar and or. They will later learn that the 1-1-1 spelling rule applies to r-controlled words.

Multiplication Celebration

The students have been working so hard with earning their Multiplication Celebration. We will have the celebration after the End of Grade Assessments are complete. I will let you know the date soon. We are needing however boxes of different types of candy for the celebration. I already have all of the popcorn and soda. The type that we are using is like theater candy that you can get a Walmart for less than a $1. Please do not get candy with nuts.

End of Year Assessments

I wanted to let everyone know that the students will be assessed through mClass for the End of Year Assessments beginning Wednesday of this week by the reading team.

Upcoming Events

  • May 7th-Mid Term Reports go home
  • May 8th-Mom and Me Breakfast from 7:45 am-8:30 am in the classroom
  • May 8th-Spirit Day-Claxton Colors
  • May 11th-3rd-5th Grades' Field Day
  • May 21st-Celebration of Learning and Potluck-Our class will be performing that night.