Le Mont St. Michel

Located in Normandy


In the 11th Century, the abbey church was founded over a set of crypts where the rock comes to an apex, and the first monastery buildings were built up against its north wall.
In the 12th century, the Romanesque monastery buildings were extended to the west and south
In the 15th century, the Romanesque chancel of the abbey church, broken down in 1421 was replaced by the Gothic Flamboyant chancel
The Abbey was turned into a prison during the days of the French Revolution and Empire, and needed to be restored before the end of the 19th century

Places to Visit

The Abbey: Rates :
- individual more than 25 years old : 9 euros ; Reduced rate (18-25 years old which are non-European) : 5,50 € group (20 persons) : 7 euros

The Museums: Rates :

Prices for 4 museums: Adults 25 & older 18 € Less than 18 years Free

1 Museum: Adults 18 & older 9€ Less than 18 years Free

The Parish Church:

Mass is celebrated from sunday to friday at 11am, saturday at 6 pm .
During july and august mass at 11am and 5pm on sunday

The highest tides take place 36-48 Hours after the full & new moons

It's a 3-acre rocky islect off the coast of Normandy in northwest France in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in the English Channel.


The Island is now surrounded by water only two times a month. Its one street climbs in three spirals from a great granite base to the towering Benedictine abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.

It's one of France's greatest attractions.

On the other side of the English Channel, off the coast of Cornwall, in England, is Saint Michael's Mount, the site of a priory (later a castle) that belonged to the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey in the Middle Ages.