A Jackrabbits Ecosystem

By: Bhavana,Deepthi,Sri,Mahek,and Kamron


Jackrabbits live in warm places such as deserts and wide open spaces. Some biotic factors of the Jackrabbits ecosystem is grass,leaves,trees,and grasshoppers and other insects. Some abiotic factors are soil,water,air,sun,and rocks.
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Food web

A food web is a little more complex than a food chain. A food chain shows only a few animals but a food web shows a lot more than one animals. Just like a food chain the lines show the energy traveling to one animal to another.
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Hunting jackrabbits is okay cause they are common. Cause if we don't hunt them they can be overpopulated and overpopulated animals can carry many diseases that can harm people. But if we hunt them to much they can be underpopulated and if we still hunt them they can even become extinct!