Jubeida Begum

Hard Drive

A hard drive, also known as a hard disk drive (HDD) is something that is used to read and write from to a hard disk. It also is a hardware device that is used to store and collect files and information like, music, pictures, and documents etc...If this hard drive is damaged it will cause hardware corruption and it will delete your files and everything else saved on your computer/ laptop.A ssd drive is a device which is a lot faster than a normal hard drive. It is a hard drive that has no moving parts, like a normal hard drive. That is why it is called a solid state drive. A ssd drive is much better than a normal drive because it simply requires more physical labor.


An optical drive is a hardware that uses laserlights or electromagnetic waves to read or write information on a disc. The lasers in an optical drive have different wavelenghths. so the different wavelenghths are used to read different medias.   


A monitor is a hardware that is used for displaying visual things on computers. the monitor is separate from other parts of the computer, unless you have a laptop or an all-in-one computer.


An input device inserts data into your computer. An input device includes a mouse, keyboard, smart cards etc...

An output device is used to display output data that has been stored on a computer in the form of text, images and other medias.


A touch screen is a display screen that allows people to interact with the screen using their hands.