Take a Trip along the Fontanka

There are so many things to see along the famous river

Summer Garden

Summer garden is almost the same age as our city. It was founded in 1704. Taking a walk through the alleys you will see many sculptures and fountains. And of course you'll be amazed fence, created by the famous architect Felten.

Saint Michael's Castle

The most mysterious building in St. Petersburg. It was built by order of Paul I. Is the biggest landmark in the classical style. Visiting the castle, you will learn a lot of secrets and legends.

Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace

Beloselsky Belozerskih most beautiful building built in the style of the false baroque architect Stackenschneider. Visiting it, you will see the extraordinary beauty of the outside and interior of the palace.
Also, don't miss...visit Circus Ciniselli was the first stone-built circus in Russia.