Important ecommerce trends

2016 trends on web design and User Experience(UX)

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The online business industry, million dollar quest with abundant competition. Trends with ecommerce changes time to time. We need to track the evergreen trends to grip our position in the vast crowd. Choice of ecommerce provider is the first impressive step to sustain your venture. Explore the various dimension of online business and pick the one which correlates to your dream. This article in general will help all types of online entrepreneurs to optimize their website in terms of web design and user experience (ux), The important players for a well framed website.

Web design trends:

  • Flat design and evolution of material design:

Though flat design initial version has some cons on obtaining 3d based effects, the upgraded version flat 2.0 comes with impressive styling. Some of the popular websites who used flat 2.0 interface are google’s santa tracker, dropbox’s guide and tolia ice cream. The look may be little flat but in depth you can find the 3d distinct features and suggestion based interaction. Thus flat 2.0 can be implemented for the website which is to be simple and neat in a useful way.

The material design announced by google on 2014, which is widely used in mobile apps. It’s interactive design has visually stunning features like grid-layouts,vivid colors,responsive animated designs and Minimalism. In 2016, material ui is expected to inherited for web based development too.

  • Right choice of color scheme and design:

A website should really concerned with its color scheme and design to make it pleasant for the users in terms of look and clarity. A good designer will mix up the colors which enhances your website. Make Sure with the color scheme of your website this could let you in conversion lose too. Some successful websites who initially works with the factor are uber, spotify,airbnb and medium.

  • Micro-interactions and rich animation:

Micro-interactions, the single task or a single touch over a product to complete an action. Instances for such interactions are logging in to a website, picking a password and setting status or clicking like or favourite icons. This can be implemented in call to action and input visualizing. Pretty cool animated gestures or actions can also be implemented while download complete notification or attach file action. Touch input actions to visualize what the users types.

User experience (UX) trends:

  • Look after the general factors of UX:

The general factors which influences user experience are Useful,Usable,Desirable, Findable, Accessible and credible. Your website should be optimized with all these factors for a smooth user experience.

  • Manage your complexity of your site:

The robustness of a website is the biggest thing for the startup entrepreneurs, who need to optimize the quality of the content what they provide to drive more traffic and retain the existing users. The two prime factors which they need to be optimized is, providing an efficient web surfing experience to the potential users and the ease to product purchase process of your website.

  • Demand on native apps:

Since the mcommerce industry made big strides on its usability in the couple of years, its necessity for a website to hold an app for the mobile users. As many statistics proven almost 40% of traffic are from mobile devices nowadays. Its good to go for mobile apps for the survival.

  • Card style layout and parallax scrolling:

Card design is all about simple, neat and versatile. Such design can be easily integrated with responsive layouts. It allows your users to take a quick glance about what you are offering.The great way to organize huge contents hassle free. Pinterest uses such type of campaigns.

Parallax scrolling gives seamless content experience to the users and it also cut downs the webpage loading time.The most impressive ux design of 2015. As users finds scrolling easier than clicks.

  • Personalized UX:

Providing personalized user experience is now the latest and popular trends. This helps the user and merchant to maintain a loyal and long lasting relationship. Providing potential content and suggestion based on their search terms and history will make the users to stick to your websites. The ecommerce giant uses this trend to engage their uses with their relevancy. Suggestions, inspired by your browsing, more items to consider are the functionality which amazon uses to for personalized user interface. Youtube uses the cookies to let you remember the videos viewed earlier to generate recommendation videos.

Above all are the tactics and ideas that could improve your online website. Keep track with the upcoming trends to grip a long way in online business industry.