Ad Pulcherrimam Urbem Romam!

(Come to the Beautiful City of Rome!)

Rome is the Safest Place Around!

Rome would be a great place of refuge for Athens! Rome keeps all of the criminals off the streets with crucifixion or feeding them to the lions. Also, Rome has wonderful entertainment such as the Circus Maximus shows or gladiator fights. If you're hungry, Rome's got you covered! The main foods are bread, beans, spices, cheese, and meat. There is also wine and hot water with herbs and honey to wash it all down.
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What About Daily Life?

In a normal day in Rome, some of the children go to school, and some start working right away. The financially steady people live in very large villas, while the not so financially steady people live in tall apartments. Either way, you have a roof over your head! Sometimes, you can go to temples and worship the Roman gods and goddesses. Greek gods and goddesses are old news. If you like to be alone and independent, Rome has a lot of country land so that you can have a farm and live a country life.

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If you don't feel good about just abandoning the Greek gods and goddesses, you'll be happy to know that a lot of Greek gods and goddesses are similar. One example is the Greek goddess Aphrodite. For Greeks, she is the goddess of love and beauty. The Roman goddess Venus is also the goddess of love and beauty. Just think of them as the same gods but with different names! Another way that Romans have fun is going to the bathhouses. You can get a massage and socialize with the other civilians there.

Speciosam evitaremus Romanum ! (The beautiful city of Rome is awaiting you!)