Intellectual Development of Infants

Hailey Martin

As parents of a newborn it is your job to build and form your infant's brain. Here is the top 6 ways to stimulate brain development.

1. Keep it simple and natural

Mix in learning with everyday experiences that will just happen naturally. This being said don't force learning to harshly, because when babies play that is already learning/work. Experts strongly encourage an environment full of learning opportunities, stimulating, and safe.

2. Match experiences to child's mental abilities

Babies need need to learn from experiences, and they can't when something is too advanced. This mean make sure that the toy or experience is appropriate for the age and ability the child is at. For example, you can't give a sudoku puzzle to a 2 year old. (exaggerated)

"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach."

6. Stay Calm

Some parents tend to grow frustrated, worried, or stressed when it come to teaching children. Do your best to not push or force child towards something. Children learn better when they are actually interested in the topic.