Angelus Leather Paint

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How Repair Your Shoes Using Angelus Leather Paint

Save your old shoes or customize new ones

For anyone who wanted to paint or repair their sneakers, but thought it wouldn’t be possible or would come off after a few wears. Now it is possible with Angelus leather paint which is a high quality leather paint that is used by the best custom artists. It is available at a great affordable price, in a huge range of vibrant colours, which are long lasting and easy to use. Don’t throw away your best shoes because the leather is ruined, fix them with this paint. You can save money and add your own touch to your pieces. It is not only for use on shoes, it can be used on belts, purses, jackets, boots, and even saddles, basically anything leather. Plus, it is not only leather that can be painted, Angelus leather paint can also be used on many other materials, such as patent leather, vinyl, midsoles, tabs, and even mesh or cotton. They are great for someone looking for a project or who enjoy crafts, whether you are a beginner or experienced. The paints also have high flexibility so will not crack, peel, or fade.

How do you use it?

The best thing about Angelus Leather Paint is that they are easy to use. Every pot of paint comes with a small brush inside, similar to nail polish brushes, which is useful for small areas and details, or you can choose to use your own brush if you prefer. The colours are water based which is great for cleaning up and not making a mess. When you start, clean the area you want to paint with acetone, make sure you shake the bottle of paint well, and make your first layers of colour thin. Leave the paint to dry between layers around 15 minutes, and clean the brush between uses. After you have done about 2 thin layers, you can then make your next layers a bit thicker. Always finish your painting off with the Angelus acrylic finisher and leave to dry. This will help to waterproof your paints and leave a nice glossy finish.

Angelus Leather Paint can also be used with an airbrush, though make sure you do a few more coats as the paint will be thinner. The paints are mixable which means you can make countless custom colours.

What is available?

There are over 60 colours of Angus Leather Paint, all available in different sized bottles, ranging from 1 ounce to 1 gallon. There are also different kits for sale, such as the starter kit which contains everything you need to begin your restoration or customization, or the 12 colour assortment kit. You can keep your leather in good condition after painting by using leather care cleaners.

There are so many benefits from these paints, which will save you money, save your old clothes and give you a chance to add some flavor to your fashions.