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September 9, 2022

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Two Terrific Days!

Oak Crest students and families, thank you for a terrific start to the school year! I am so proud of our Oak Crest Tigers! We are building relationships, learning expectations, practicing routines, and preparing for greatness. I have been getting excellent reports from students, staff and parents about the experiences to start the year! If you want proof, watch the short video clip below of day 1.

I really appreciate the efforts made to attend back to school conferences to set the stage for learning. I also communicate a lot of info in our newsletters to help everybody be prepared and understand our systems at Oak Crest. Thank you for taking time to read these messages. Communication is a key element in our partnership.

Have a great weekend!

Be You, Be RED!

Ben Tressel

Oak Crest Principal

OC First Day of School 22-23

Important Dates to start the school year:

Monday Sept 12th (Day 3), T 13th (Day 4), W 14th (Day 1), Th 15th (Day 2), F 16th (Day 3)

  • Sept 12 - 6pm Wolf Ridge Chaperone Meeting
  • Sept 13 - 3rd & 4th Tiger Strong Meeting
  • Sept 20 - 5th & 6th Tiger Strong Meeting
  • Sept 26 - 5th Gr Field Trip to Cedar Lake Farms
  • Sept 27 - All School Meeting
  • Oct 3-7 - Homecoming Week (More info about spirit days to come!)
  • Oct 12 - Picture Retake Day
  • Oct 20-21 - NO SCHOOL - Education MN
  • Oct 24-28 - 6th Grade Wolf Ridge Trip
  • Nov 2nd - E-Learning Day (with Learning at home)

TIGER TARGET: I can invite others to join.

As we focus on inclusion this month, the act of inviting others to join is very important. When you are separate from a group or activity, it takes a lot of courage to ask to join. Offering an invitation to others makes them feel wanted and welcome. This week, find ways to invite others to play, be your partner in school work, or even to sit at your lunch table.

School Safety

We have been working hard to make our school safe for all students at all times. We take the job of handing off students to appropriate families and guardians very seriously. We will not allow any adult into the building near Oak Crest children without presenting a valid ID. We are all aware of the horrific scenarios that have taken place in other schools, and we will not take any risks.

You must bring your ID with you to enter our building as a visitor, volunteer, or to check your child out/in for the day.

Thank you for complying with this request to benefit the safety of ALL of our children.

Beginning and End of Day Procedures.

8:15am - class begins

Our front door unlocks at 7:50am for breakfast and to welcome walkers and parent drop-off. If your child arrives early, they will need to wait patiently outside until 7:50.

3:05 first dismissal

Parents picking up at the end of day must stay in their cars and wait in line to pick up kids. We use the signs given by the office to identify families. If you need a car sign, please visit the office. We are trying to limit pedestrian movement in our parking lot during pick-up.

Link to School Handbook

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Infinite Campus Support

Infinite Campus is a great tool to access student information, grades, fees, and more. It is the student information system that we rely on most in Belle Plaine Schools. Please be sure to access this site to update health and personal info, pay iPad insurance, pay fees for roller skating and field trips, access the school store for snack cart, and more.

Use this link to login or download the app pictured above for quick access on your device.

Our system expert, Teri Kiewatt can be reached for additional support such as login credentials at tkiewatt@belleplaine.k12.mn.us


If you are interested in helping out a classroom or teacher by providing some supplies that may make learning more fun and effective, check out the teacher wish lists with links to Amazon. In the past we had a giving tree, but we found that this is an easier way to send support and make your child's new teacher smile!


Lunch and Breakfast at Oak Crest

Federally funded free meals for kids that was enacted during the pandemic have ended. Both breakfast and lunch will be fee based this year. Free and reduced meal applications are available in Infinite Campus. Visit this link for more information.

Ben Tressel


Oak Crest Elementary

1101 W. Commerce Dr. Belle Plaine, MN 56011



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