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News Bulletin

Management would like to thank everyone for their amazing work through Q1. Your efforts make SEM Touchpoint what it is, and it’s a pleasure working with all of you. We did great things for the product over the past few months, but we believe the best is yet to come.

Have a safe and fun long weekend.

- Touchpoint Management

If you have anything to contribute connect with your local SERP`S UP Editor.

Montreal - Amber Cochrane

Vancouver - Maemi Ishida

Toronto - Kaitlyn Clark

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Team News & Success

The Garbage Good Guys - Amber Cochrane
Amber tested table extensions on The Garbage Good Guys campaign during the month of April. From March to April she saw a positive increase in overall mobile CTR – from 3.35% in March to 3.54% in April. For May, the mobile CTR is already up at 3.78%! Amber's also testing this extension on some other campaigns in different industries (gym, veterinarian). We're curious to see the results!

Fast Track - Patty Wong

Fast Track, a sign and printing shop, is one of Patty’s new clients. She is not allowed to communicate directly with the client which makes things very difficult. However, after making location bid adjustments around their store, setting a high daily budget and accelerated spending, their impression share is 96.64% and they have a top of page rate of 87.74%. In their first month, they had a total of 38 calls and 300 clicks. Keep up the good work Patty!

Concrete Products/Capital Ready Mix - Jarrod Tetreault

Having trouble spending for a while, Jarrod tested adding a display campaign with focus uniquely on Kijiji. The performance went from 83 conversions in March to 193 conversions in April. Calls also shot up, and clicks went from 436 in March to 1,431 in April with the budget fully spent! Great job Jarrod!

Meme Of The Month

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Monthly CM Profile

Frances Young

Frances joined the Burnaby SEMTP team in November 2015. Early on, she initiated two fantastic projects, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience across teams. She first introduced bi-weekly marketing discussions – an open forum for members of media-ops to come together and discuss current news and debates about the world of digital. Her second initiative was the CM exchange program – on opportunity to “swap lives” with a CM from another office. It’s an opportunity for all CMs to affordably spend time in another city, and work with counterparts on the other side of the country! Although her teammates have tried “voting her off the island” multiple times, they secretly love having her around. She’s also a BIG Belieber…But don’t let that fool you – she loves reading, learning, and coaching students at Red Academy as a program TA.