Analysis In Science

Ben and Grant

How Sciencetests Reconizige and describe changes

When sciencetists describe changes, they sometime sketch or draw them. For example, flowers change during the day and the night. in the night, the flowers close. But in the daytime the open and give out smells and collect sunlight.

Changes in the world

Things can change in different seasons, like in winter and the summer. For an example a fox eats berries and other fruits in the summer. In the winter, a fox eats small anamails like birds and rabbits.

Some questions for you:


A runner runs a race on a track. What could you do to describe the change in the runners body?

A) Record the time of the day.

B) Measure the height of the runner

C) Record the tempature of the track

D) Measure he distance the runner ran.

A fire burns a field. Which of these living things could NOT move to another place to esape the fire?

A) Bird

B) Butterfly

C) Flower

D) Mouse

A girl observes that her skin has become tan after going to the beach. What most likley caused this to change her skin?

A) Heat

B) Sunlight

C) Tempature

D) Ocean Chemicals

Which of these changes could you best describe by measuring length?

A) The freezing of water

B) The growth of a caterpillar

C) The movement of a pinwheel

D) The loss of leaves from a tree