Hawk Happenings

Week of October 5th

Home Coming 2015

Homecoming Spirit Week:) Be prepared to dress up and get into the homecoming spirit! The elementary is on track to have a float in the parade on Friday. The shuttle is off the lunchroom wall (Thanks Dylan & Marcel) and is being repaired in the custodian garage. The Schwartz family has taken care of the trailer ( a 20 foot monster) & hay bales. Mr. Tomkinson is donating the use of his truck for pulling the float and Mrs. Smith's class has been making flowers to repair missing and crumbling flowers on the shuttle. Colonel Lee has volunteered to dress up like Michael Jackson and wave from the float & Tammy Ivey has helped to master mind bringing the float together. Thanks to all the folks mentioned above for their spirit and initiative in making this all happen. The plan is to put the float together on Friday as the trailer was to wide to fit in the custodian garage. Please come out on your prep/break and join in the fun in putting together this float that represents our building. All staff are invited to walk/ride in the parade ( arrive at the HS by 4:45). We plan on throwing candy out to students along the parade route. Please let me know if you plan on taking part in the parade. If you can not join us for this fun event, you can help by donating a couple of bags of candy.

NED Show is Coming October 20th

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There will be two Ned Show assemblies on October 20th. K-2 at 8:45 and 3-6 at 9:45. The assembly is about 45 minutes and is upbeat as well as sending a great message. Please take a few minutes to view highlights of the show:)
Highlights from The NED Show

Recess saftey

It is important that you inform the office when you take your students outdoors for extra recess. Please take your cell phone or check out a walkie from the office so that you can be contacted incase an emergency situation arises. It is also important that your sub plans include this procedure. We have had substitute teachers leave the building locking themselves and a class of students outside without a way to communicate with the office.