Mr. Sterling's 5th Grade Newsletter

Week of February 1

What's Happening

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences will take place the week of February 8th-11th. On Monday, each student received the scheduled time for their parent-teacher conference. Please sign and have your student return the form by Friday. Preferably sooner if you need to change your scheduled time. Thanks!

CSA Lincoln 2015-2016 Yearbook

If you would like to purchase a yearbook, order forms are due back by this Friday. Every student should have received a yearbook order form last week. The cost this year is $12 a yearbook. There is an online ordering option (Code: 04246V) or you can return the order form to school with cash or check payable to "CSA Lincoln."

You will need to order a yearbook to receive one.

Staff vs. Student Basketball Game

The Staff vs. Student basketball game will be on Wednesday, February 24th. The 6th grade will be hosting a Paw Pack (Grades 3-6), as a fundraiser for their Chicago Trip. All students and parents are welcome to attend the basketball game. Stay tuned for more details.

What we will cover this week

  • Math: Plotting Coordinates; Adding/Subtracting Fractions with Like and Unlike Denominators; Order of Operation; Multiplicative Properties
  • ELA: Reviewing Participles and Perfect Tense; Special Helping Verbs; Contractions
  • ELA Genre: Expository
  • Social Studies: West/Southwest Region States and Capitals
  • Social Studies: Spanish Exploration of the Americas

Passport to Reading: Product and Presentation

Third quarter products are due by Friday, February 12th. The students will earn a Reading and a Grammar grade for this project. The project has the same value as a test grade in each subject. The students will have two more weeks of a thirty-minute pod to work on their product. At the end of the week, it would be helpful to ask your child how much of their product they completed during the pod this week. Please encourage them to use their time wisely and to not procrastinate.

State Region Tests

Over the next several weeks, students will be learning the states and capitals for each region of the United States. There will be six total tests this quarter that will be taken in Social Studies. The students will each have their own flashcards in their states file folder. The test schedule and states they need to memorize the state location and capitals for are located in this folder. Please ask your child to bring the folder home to study. There are also many links on the fifth grade website under “Let’s Investigate…” that they may use to help them in preparing for these tests.

Upcoming Assessments

Math (Order of Operations Quiz): Wednesday, February 3rd

Weekly Wonders Test: Friday, February 5th

Grammar Quiz: Friday, February 5th

States Location & Capitals Test Schedule:

  • Midwest States: Friday, January 29th
  • Southeast States Test: Friday, February 5th
  • West/Southwest States Test: Friday, February 12th
  • Northeast States Test: Friday, February 19th
  • 50 States Test & 50 Capitals Test: Friday, February 26th

ISTEP Applied Skills: Week of February 29th thru March 4th