Seattle Seahawks

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The Beginning

In 1974 the NFL granted Seattle an expansion franchise that would began play in 1976. A public contest to determine the team`s name yielded an overwhelming number of votes for Seahawks: Large,powerful birds native to the coastal area of the pacific northwest. Fans in Seattle and throughout the state embraced the name and have supported their Seahawks ever since.

The Seahawks Get Defensive

After their 2 year run of playoff football the Seahawks went 8-8 in 1985 and 10-6 in 1986 missing the postseason both years. But in 1987 the again worked its way back into the playoffs picture this time on the strength of its beefy defense. In 1985 safety Eugene Robinson had joined veteran Kenny Easley in the Seahwks defensive secondary . Up front relentless defensive end Jacob Green continued to strike fear into quarterbacks; before ending his 12 year Seattle career in 1991 Green would rack up 116 total quarterbacks sacks.

Handoff To Holmgren

In 1999 Seahawks owner Paul Allen hired a new head coach and general manager: Mike Holmgren who had previously led the Green Bay Packers out of a 9 year slump to a super bowl victory. Holmgren shook things up immediately releasing Moon and adding offensive firepower by bringing in receiver Sean Dawkins. With Holmgen at the helm the Seahawks went 9-7 in 1999 and finally broke back into the playoffs. But Seattle fans watched with frustration as the team seemed to stall the next few seasons. Coach Holmgen tried making another quarterback change bringing in former Baltimore Ravens passer Trent Dilfer but the Seahawks found themselves watching the playoffs from home for the third straight season in 2002 '' I still think we can get this done '' Holmgren told reporters.