Dystopian Controls

Technological Control

Do we control tech or does it control us?

For over two decades people have begun to worry about technology and machines. Is there anything to worry about? Should we just continue on the path we're going until we eventually make living tech? Or should there be a limit on how much we control it and it controls us?

Tech control

In our everyday life we are being controlled by technology, The obvious things to notice are our phones, computers, and TVs. Now look at our society. We're always trying to make new things to improve our life. As the things in our life upgrade we fill as we must have them to upgrade and fit in with our society.

Some examples of how technology controls us everyday


Rather than to just talk about this major issue. I'll show links to videos and websites that show how people are felling about technological control
Do We Control Technology or Does it Control Us?
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

For the Future

I hope that after you have looked at some links and videos you can now realize the true problem of technological control. So please think about how often you use your phone or computer and try to make a change by just putting it down. Think about the future for we do not want the generations to come to be completely reliant on, were as they can use it as a tool like we do.