Book Suggestions

Great resources for finding the PERFECT BOOK!

Book Selection

Sometimes finding the PERFECT book, can be hard. Here are a few tips:

  • Search topics you LOVE!
  • Think about a favorite author and search for other books by the same author.
  • Do you have a favorite genre (Type of book-fiction, humor, mystery, nonfiction...).
  • Ask a friend, teacher, parent, or the librarian for a book suggestion.
  • Use the resources below for ideas.

Don't forget to "try on" the book. A book should be comfortable to read without struggling.

Library Catalog


Let's start with books that are easy to ger! Use the library catalog to search for books in the CES library.

Book Awards

If you aren't sure what to read, I say start with the best. Check out the book award lists. I haven't read a bad one yet.

NoveList K-8

NoveList K-8

This is a wonderful resource provided by SCDiscus and lets you search for books in many ways!

This is a wonderful resource for parents full of information about reading levels and finding the best resources for your child. It also provides a great book search tool.


1. Lexile Tools

2. Find a Book