Physiographic Features of Africa

By: Daniel Meshkov

Mount Kilimanjaro

Hey guys, come to Mount Kilimanjaro, you can see this extinct volcano and its two peaks Kibo (19,340) Mawenzi (17,564). You can also see how the people are growing coffee beans and plantains.

Nile River

Come see the Nile River! Go rafting or go bungee jumping. You can also go to Southern Sudan to see animals. This river is 4,160 miles long, it runs through multiple regions. The Nile river is very important for hydroelectric power.

Sahara Desert

The sahara desert is the largest desert in the whole world at a whopping 3,500,000 square miles. Go Sandboarding in Morocco or take a tour around the cities.


Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the world that was made up of a highland plateau. Go visit the most beautiful national parks or visit the beach.