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Mrs. Wallerstedt. 2/12/21

No School Monday 2/15 - President's Day

Safety Outside

Park View Families -

We haven't had cold and snow like this for a long time and so I want to stress the importance of following some very important safety procedures during drop-off and pick-up outside. Here is what I want you all to remember - once something unsafe happens, we cannot make it unhappen so let's make sure it never happens.

  • Do not cross your child on Greenfield anywhere but in crosswalk areas.
  • Children should never be walking down Greenfield to get to the crosswalks, or the drive ways. This is so dangerous.
  • Please use the south parking loop that was created to keep everyone safe. Even if you have to drive a couple extra blocks south to use it, it's worth it.
  • The bus zone is active on Thursdays and Fridays before and after school. Do not drop-off/pick-up in the bus zone. Everything is marked with large green cones so you can see where the bus zone starts and ends.
We have set up all of this because we love our Park View Panthers and want them to be safe everyday on school grounds so please follow our procedures. Thank You!

February Is Family Literacy Month at Park View and something new . . . . . . . A Read-A-Thon!!

This month we want to help all panther families focus on bringing literacy activities into your homes. What does that mean? It means engaging in activities that involve reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Yes, literacy is even listening and speaking. When people ask, "How can I help my child be successful in school?" My answer is to bring literacy into your house, and the Helen Plum Library is partnering with us to help. Please click on this flyer, to find out about the many activities they have created to help you help your child be more successful in school. February is the perfect month to focus on literacy as the winter cold can limit our time outside. So let's keep growing our minds, increasing our reading, and engaging in fun family activities by diving into literacy.

Join Park View's First Read-a-Thon

We are having our first Park View PTA READ-A-THON. It will begin February 22nd. To find out more, click here for the flyer. This fits into our February Literacy Month perfectly and if you child is in 3rd - 5th grades, it will help them make their AR goals for 2nd trimester. If your child is in K-2, reading practice is critical to becoming a confident reader. More information will be coming out from the PTA next week. This is the best way to help your child grow academically because reading is in everything we do.

Dates to know . . . . . .

Monday - February 15th - Presidents' Day - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday - February 24th - Rosemary & Jeans Dine Out (12:00 - 8:00 pm)

Thursday - February 25th - Kindergarten Pre-Registration 5:00-8:00pm (By Appointment Only)

Friday - February 26th - Institute Day - NO SCHOOL Kindergarten Pre-Registration 7:30-11:30am (By Appointment Only)

Tuesday - March 2nd - PTA Meeting 7:00-8:00pm.

Friday - March 5th - Trimester 2 Ends

Friday - March 12th - Report Cards Available

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