3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (Janurary 8,2016)

New Year.. New Goals!

I have to say I missed seeing the class over the holidays. They "seemed" excited to be back to school this week and have hit the 2016 ground running. As we begin quarter 3, we start really diving into concepts that are fresh and new. The ability to work independently will increase as well. If your child is coming home with unfinished work, please support and send back to school the next day. We will also continue our PBL work and I hope to introduce some Genious Hour learning! It's a big quarter!

Thursday's email

I had some time senstive information to share yesterday. If you haven't read that email, please try to check it out in addition to reading this newsletter.

Animal Specialty Research Project

The students will begin their Animal Specialty research project in quarter 3. Like the landmark project, there will be some school activities and home activities. Please see the list below.

At home activities

  1. Submit your top three animal choices on the Canvas module. If you are unable to access the module, you can go to the following link and submit your animal choices. http://goo.gl/forms/8uHCZTIGxO
  2. Research and bring in 5 credible resources to school by January 22nd.
  3. Bring in a shoe box to school by March 1st.
At school activities
  1. Research and write/type an animal report
  2. Cite 5 credible resources
  3. Create a clay animal in art class
  4. Design and create a shoebox habitat for the clay animal

What we have been up to....

Readers Workshop

We have started Mystery book clubs and it has been fun! We have learned the basic elements of a mystery book, chose mysteries to read with others, and have enjoyed reading the first book in the Brixton Brothers series. While reading, we have discussed clues, theories, rereading to strengthen clues/theories, and thinking and acting like the main character. We will continue next week.

Social Studies

Since we don't have a ton of class time for this project, I have made the travel log into an optional project when the students have free time here at school. We plan to start Celebrating Culture until next week.

Word Study

This week we worked on Captialization and Punctuation.


We wrote about a memorable small moment from over the holidays and are typing the stories on our Google Docs account.

How Can You Support at Home

There will be reading assignments on Canvas starting next week. Please support them by helping them navigate to Canvas using your web browser. If you aren't sure, you can access Canvas from the ZCS homepage. (or my link below) My assignments will be under Assignments on Canvas and will be titled with the date it was assigned. This will take place of the additional reading homework we had before the holidays because I would like them to become comfortable using Canvas. There will NOT be a daily Canvas assignment, but please check planners each night to make sure.

Math and Science

Math Update

As you may have heard we’ve started our “Mad Minutes” in class this week. These continue to be a favorite activity to complete in class. The kids always beg me to do Mad Minutes. To ensure success, please make sure your child is practicing their math facts a few minutes each night. Once your child passes their 12 facts, they move on to “Mount McKinley” (I know they changed the name) and have qualified to climb the rock wall that will be at Eagle in May. We will take Mad Minute tests on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Next week we will begin decimals in class. This is always a tricky skill for some. Be on the lookout for homework next week dealing with decimals. It’s hard for many kids to visualize working with numbers smaller than one! I’m hoping to finish unit 5 by the end of next week and send home a study on Thursday or Friday. I’m tentatively looking to have our Unit 5 test on Wednesday, January 20th. This could change!

Science Update

We’ve started our “Light” unit in Science. Key words for this unit will be Reflect, Refract, Shadow, and Absorb.

Thanks for all that you do! Please let me know if you have any questions.