The country of Philippines By: Raja and Samuel

What is Philippines

Philippines is a country from South East Asia and is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Philippines is an archipelago that has over about 7,000 Islands that builds the whole Philippines! People in Philippines is called Filipinos.Philippines climate is tropical. About 2,000 people in Philippines live in each Island! The official name of Philippines is The Republic of Philippines. Philippines is divided in 3 main areas: Luzon, The Visayas and Mindanao. The capital city of Philippines is called Manila which is on Luzon, wich is the biggest Island. Philippines is located in the ring of fire. It is there because it has many active volcanoes and earthquakes occur there!

The people of Philippines/Filipinos

Philippines flag

Philippine's flag has a band of blue which stands for peace justice. The red band represents courage. The white triangle represents equality. The three stars represents the 3 main major Islands: Luzon, the Visayas, and MIndanao. During the time of peace the blue stripe is on top. During the war the red stripe is on top.

Population of the Filipinos

The population in Philippines is about more than 90million people. (2013). Now in 2013 Philippines is ranked as the 12th populated country in the world!

Philippines Crops and Agriculture

The warm climate and the rich soil are great for growing crops. Main crops are rice, corn, coconuts, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and bananas. Filipino people that are fisher men catches swordfishes, shrimp, anchovies and tuna.

Philippines Natural Resources

Philippines has lot's of natural resources and some of them are rich soil, coal, oil, gas, and metal. But even though Philippines has lot's of resources Philippines is counted as the poorest country in the world!

Philippines Government System

The democratic system of the government is when the president runs the country. Voters votes who will be the president and vice president of Philippines!

The History of Philippines

Most Filipinos are descendants from Malaysia that traveled to Philippines hundreds of years ago. Long ago the Philippines was ruled by the Spain people from 1565 to 1898 which is over 333 years! Until one day the U.S wanted the Philippines so they had war with the Spain. The U.S won and took over Philippines. After that Philippines wanted independence. So the U.S gave independence.

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