College Composition & Research

Andrew Englert

About Me

My name is Andrew Englert. I'm a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. I am enrolled in College Composition and Research taught by Dr. Watkins. After high school, I plan to attend the University of Kansas to study pharmacy.

College Composition and Research

College Composition and Research is taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. Dr. Watkins graduated from graduated from Trenton High School in Trenton Missouri, then she earned her Doctorate in education at William Woods University


Academic Resume

In my academic resume, I detail my academic achievements so far.
Academic Resume Link

"Academic Resume"

College Application Essay

In my summary essay, I discuss certain goals that I have for my life and how I plan to accomplish them.

Narration Essay

In my narration essay, I discuss the flawed marketing system in America and how the greed of large corporations influences our country.
Narration Essay Link

"America's Market System"

Analysis Essay

In my analysis essay, I analyze Donald Trump's twitter and discuss several of his tweets in order to explain the issue of narcissism in social media.
Analysis Essay Link

"Narcissism Through Twitter"

Definition Essay

In my definition essay, I discuss how grades do not truly define a student's abilities in school or a student's true potential for success.
Definition Essay Link

"Grades and Achievement"

Summary/Response Essay

In my summary essay, I discuss the topic of manual labor and detail the advantages and the common misconceptions of the work.

Argumentative Essay

In my argumentative essay, I explain why the meat industry has become much more ethical and why eating meat is okay to do.
Argumentative Essay Link

"The Ethics of Eating Meat"
Paper Analysis