The perfect diamond for your spouse

The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond has come to Philadelphia. Benari Jewelers is now home to the Hearts On Fire diamond. While the Hearts on Fire diamond may not be quite as dramatic as something out of an Indiana Jones movie, to Glen Rothman, CEO of Hearts On Fire, it was a major discovery. Mr. Rothman has received numerous awards for his business strategies and for giving back to the communities where his diamonds are sold. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and conducts annual seminars for jewelers called Hearts On Fire University. Mr. Rothman is truly a game-changer in the jewelry industry.

In 1996 he was visiting Belgium when he discovered a unique type of diamond. Less than one percent of the world's diamonds have the qualities needed to become hearts on fire necklaces philadelphia ! The uniqueness of this gem comes from more than simply finding the one-in-a-thousand optically perfect diamond. That is only where the process begins. To create a Hearts On Fire diamond one must put the finest tools into the hands of the finest gem cutters in the world. These tools only exist in Mr. Rothman's labs. Only nature is capable of creating a genuine diamond. Man has no control over its creation. The cut is the only aspect of a diamond that is under the control of man. The cutting and polishing techniques used by Hearts On Fire are ten times beyond the standards used by other diamond manufacturers. The diamonds used in the Hearts On Fire bracelets Philadelphia are the only branded diamond in the world. Just think about that for a moment. Every diamond carrying this brand is perfectly cut and polished to sparkling perfection. Owning a Hearts On Fire diamond necklace Philadelphia is truly a dream come true.

Hearts On Fire is pleased to have partnered with Benari Jewelers to offer a singular product. When Hearts On Fire decided to offer their diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to Philadelphians they sought out the most respected and premier jeweler in the Philadelphia area. Having been in business for over fifty years and occupying two locations in the Philadelphia area, Benari Jewelers were an ideal retailer for Hearts on Fire. Their standard lifetime guarantee and lifetime diamond upgrade plan lift Benari Jewelers above the crowd and the Hearts On Fire earrings Philadelphia will be outfitting ladies in a manner that rivals a fourth-of-July celebration.