The Giver

By Daniel Gautreaux

Book summary

The Giver is set in a Utopian/Dystopian future where all war,hatred,prejudice, and freedom of choice is gone seen from the point of view of an twelve year old boy named Jonas. He has seen the wrongdoing of his community and sets out in search of real emotion not presented by the community.

Main character: Jonas

Jonas is a twelve year old boy that was given the job as a memory preserver and most of his challenges are presented by his job. The memory preserver keeps all memories of the past including war and hatred which Jonas can't handle. Jonas also learns that his family isn't really bonded with him and parents are just assigned to raise him. He learns the true meaning of "releasing" someone from the community when his father is forced to kill an infant's twin which tells him that he should escape the community along with Gabriel to save from being "released". His companions are named Asher and Fiona in which Jonas is attracted to Fiona.

Main characters

questions to ask about the book

1. What is the point of gender stereotypes and customs still existing?

2. Do Jonas and Gabe survive or freeze to death when the village was just an illusion?

3.How to people experience love when things like that wouldn't exist in a world like The Giver?


5 out of 6 since the book was great but had too much filler on Jonas's life before being assigned his role.