iPad Organizational Tips/Tricks

For the Classroom


Find what you need, when you need it. Don't waste time searching for the apps you use most.


  • Drag frequently used apps in the dock (bottom row) so the apps are accessible from every screen. What apps would be most beneficial here? Google Drive? Camera? Safari?
  • Label classroom cases by number on the outside so you can identify the iPad from afar. Stickers, yarn, P-touch labels - whatever works!
  • Teach students how to search for apps using the Spotlight Search. Swipe down on the home screen to reveal the search field and start typing in the first letters of the app you wish to find. If you have a lot of apps on your iPads, this trick will save time.
  • Folders are helpful for organizing apps; however, exercise caution since an app can only live in 1 folder. Folders can be helpful in guiding students to select certain apps. Directions for creating folders.
  • Every time students swipe an iPad to get to the home screen, they view your iPad's wallpaper (which is probably a plain, blue color if you have the standard wallpaper). Why not make this a learning opportunity? Have students create reminder messages in PicCollage and set them as the wallpaper on your iPads. This could be anything from a math/science fact to a responsible use tip.
  • Bookmarks - If students frequently access websites, create bookmarks so the websites can be found more quickly. Two options here - 1) Bookmark one main website like a wiki page or your teacher website and update the links on this one page. That way, you update in 1 place and it's accessible from anywhere on the Internet. 2) Create a bookmark for each website that you want students to access. This bookmark will need to be created on each iPad. Directions here for creating bookmarks.

What is your favorite organizational strategy?

Use in the Classroom

Setup each iPad with the same organizational strategies for optimal workflow and time management!