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Homeroom Newsletter

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We are so close...

Students and Learning Coaches,

We are SO CLOSE to the end of the school year. Next Thursday, June 11th, is our last official day of school.

I need to see progress every day. Attendance must be up to date.

If you are nearing completion in all your courses you will be receiving some alternative assignments from me.

If you are behind, this is that super crunch time. Contact your content teachers and me to setup a plan.

Attend your checkout sessions if you haven't.

Important Dates

  • June 8th: 8th Grade Awards
  • May 25th: No School Memorial Day
  • June 11th: LAST DAY!

We have 2 more homeroom sessions until the last day!!

End of the Year Checkouts

We will meet in Class Connect.

Review your progress, attendance and Study Island.

It is one last meeting before the end of the school year.

These will start on Friday.

*These will be required*

Re-registration for the 2015-2016 School Year

The process is easy:

1)Log in to the OLS:

2)Click on “My Info”

3)Follow the instructions under the “Registration” tab

Contact me if you have any questions.

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Study Island winners will be receiving their giftcards via EMAIL.
I will send you a KMAIL once they are sent.

Congrats again to all our WINNERS! Your hard-work paid off!


Remember for Health, Technology and PE:

You need to have 50 hours logged in each of these courses by JUNE 11th.

You should be logging at least 6 hours 20 minutes of attendance everyday. This needs to be reflective of the work you are actually doing. They must be valid hours of attendance.

Attendance will be closed after June 11th. You will not be able to update it after that time.