The Zombie Wasp

Ampulex Compressa

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Where does it live?

Is mostly found in the tropical regions of South Asia, Africa, and the pacific islands. The flying wasps are more abundant during the warm seasons.

How does it feed?

The hatched larva lives and feeds for 4-5 days on the roach, then chews its way into its abdomen. Over 8 days, the wasp larva consumes the roaches internal organs.

How does it reproduce?

They reproduce by mating which only takes one minute, and one mating for the female to successfully parasite dozens of roaches.

What is the parasites host of choice?

The host of choice are mainly roaches.

What are some special adaptions?

They display elaborate physiological adaptations.

What is the size?

Females are about 22mm long; Males are smaller and lack a stinger.

Interesting Facts

Ampules compress a seem just like a regular wasp , but things will get pretty weird when things come to the point where the female lays her eggs. She gives the cockroach two stings. First to the mid section causing its legs to buckle. Then the wasp stickies her stinger right through the exoskeleton to the brain. The wasp lays its eggs on its underside. The egg hatches and the larva makes a hole through the cockroaches side.