Extra, Extra, Read all about it!!!

4/5 G are doing amazing things, there's no doubt about it!

Term 2 - Where are we at?

Term 2 is turning out to be a very busy term for 4/5 Gurrumul!

We have begun our journey with GENIUS hour which is turning out to be very exciting indeed! Please ask your child to share their ideas and research with you. It can all be accessed from home via their google drive account. Mr N and I are looking very forward to seeing how these 'passion projects' work out. We have very high expectations that they are going to be fabulous!

We continue our music study of Geoffrey Gurrumul, our name sake! The last few weeks have seen the students listen to a Gurrumul piece named 'Bapa'. After listening to the music they were asked to sketch and then water colour the picture that they interpreted the song was about! Take a look at some of the amazing art that came out of these lessons. You can find them hanging in the hallway outside of our learning space

In our maths world

This term we have also started a 'Lunar Park' maths project. This project allows the students to collaborate and design their own theme park. They must plan their area using grid paper and space specifications. They also have a $500,000 budget to work with. They must maintain this budget as they design. This budget then goes deeper into park maintenance based on customer attendance numbers followed by marketing and costs associated with it.

So far the students have really enjoyed this project and continue to engage in a wonderful learning experience based on many areas of the 'real mathematics' world.

Hit us with some HSIE!

This term we have started a new storypath unit called 'Creating a constitution - The space colony'. This unit has already seen the students develop a character that will be their persona throughout the planned lessons. These characters were created based on the needs and wants of a community starting a colony from the beginning. They have discussed the necessities and characteristics of the planet to which they will create a colony based on research and facts. Down the path the students will take part in developing a constitution and solve a major catastrophe that will threaten their new colony.

Sound like fun? Watch this space

Big image

Geoffrey Gurrumul 'Bapa'

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Bapa

To Sum It Up ........

We are doing so many fabulous things in our space all the time and we are very proud of the learning that is taking place! Feel free to come down 'our end' and take a look! We would love to have you

Mrs Dean, Mr N and the Gurrumul Team