Swinging in the Cloud

It's More Than Just Music

It starts with people

Keeping the greatest music ever written on the air takes more than just equipment. It takes people. With so many facets involved in running a radio station and all its components, communication is key. Our staff of unintentional volunteers is located all around the world making traditional staff meetings a challenge.

With the flexibility and power of Microsoft products, distance becomes a non-issue as miles and continents shrink to the size of a studio with the power of Lync.

The Possibilities Don't End

Sharing Becomes Simple with SharePoint

Another challenge with getting information all over the world is how to make that happen. Microsoft SharePoint allows our team to easily upload documents and get the information they need for all facets of our station:

- DJs can get weekly logs and liners

- The Newsletter team can upload and download stories for editing and posting

- Tasks related to various projects can be assigned and tracked

- Logos and images can be easily accessed from any device

About Us

Martini In The Morning is on online radio station playing the coolest, most swingin' music from the Great American Songbook.