Weekly Geekly

March 5, 2019

Blazer Button of the Week- BITMOJI!

Bitmoji allows you to create a custom avatar to look just like you. You can spice up presentations, use them as customized stickers and feedback for students, or in place of profile pictures. Note, you must have a smartphone to create a Bitmoji. Create a Bitmoji and use it in a presentation.

Evidence required- create your bitmoji and use it in a Google slides presentation. Submit the link to your slides presentation on the evidence form. (Make sure sharing settings will allow me to see it!)

Why would we add a badge like this?

Using something like Bitmoji can improve your technology dexterity. Just in the process of completing this badge you will be downloading an app, creating an account, personalizing your account, and then transferring something you made on your phone to something in Google. And you will have to do all of that without a click sheet!

There will be some NEW Blazer Buttons after Spring Break!

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Pear Deck- Google Add on for Formative Assessment

If you haven't tried Pear Deck yet, it's kind of a great find. Pear Deck allows you to create interactive presentations similar to NearPod, where the students follow along with a presentation on their own devices. The cool thing is that you can weave questions into the presentation and have the kids respond on their devices.

Learn more about what you can do with PearDeck for formative assessments here!

Find the Pear Deck Add On for Google Slides Here

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Mirroring 360

The district has purchased some licenses of Mirroring 360 for teachers to use to mirror their device to their computer. Our hope is that this will allow teachers more opportunities to move around the room and interact with students as they are teaching as well as modeling the use of apps.

  • You can pair iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chromebook, PC and Android device. For some devices you need an app or extension (We will not pay for the app- we are paying only for the licensing of the software).

  • You can pair up 4 devices to one computer

  • Teachers can generate new pairing codes to keep students from pairing from a different location.

  • In settings teachers can turn off the option for people to mirror to their computer

  • In settings, teachers can set a password on the mirroring

  • In settings, teachers can save a history of what was mirrored

  • Need a device? Come talk to me about the 5C badges and how you can earn a Chromebook!

If you are interested in getting this installed on your computer, please put in a HelpDesk ticket.

Windows 10- Coming to Lebanon Trail This Summer

This summer, every computer in our building will be reimaged to Windows 10. Some effects of this move:

- anything you have saved to your desktop or C drive (including your downloads folder) will be deleted. Be sure you are saving things to a more secure location, like your Google Drive, your H drive, or an external hard drive.

- Adobe CS6 is going away, and the new Adobe CC will replace it. We have limited licensing for this as the licensing works differently. If you have questions about where you will be able to access Adobe CC, please come see me or Victoria.

- CPS software will no longer work- Science folks, I am looking at you.

- Examview software should still work (but you can import Examview tests into Canvas which may be a better option long term!)

Again, this move will happen over the summer. I want to give you plenty of warning about the change!

5C Online PD Opportunity- Learn About Communication

A PD Opportunity for you- Communication is an important element in a successful, student-centered classroom. This class will be comprised of various modules featuring websites, apps, and tools that support and promote communication efforts in the classroom. Each module will be worth one hour of non-contract credit. You choose the modules with the communication tools that you would like to learn about. You can complete from one to six modules. You may only earn up to six hours for this course; if you are interested in learning more, and there is enough interest, this class will be offered at a later date. This class is for teachers and professional staff only.

Click here to Register