November 1st Grade

Mrs. Schultz

Spelling City

Students can now practice their spelling and sight words online anytime!! Simply visit my spelling homepage at Here students can play games using their weekly words, practice ABC order, use flashcards, and even take practice tests.

Reading A to Z

Small Group Books

Students will be bringing home their Reading A to Z book. This is a group book they will be reading in small group with me; I will send it home daily and want them to read it ONCE nightly to someone. They can even read to the family pet!!! Sign the book (front cover is fine) once it has been read. If your kiddo reads it to a grandparent or sibling, let them sign the book; if they read it to the family pet, the student can sign the pet's name! :)

Please send this book back to school each day!!!

Scholastic Orders

November Scholastic orders will be due November 24th.


Activation Code: P6JX2

Thank you to those that have ordered previously!! :) Our class gets FREE books every time a student orders!!

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Friday, November 13th

Our class needs to meet in the music room by 5:15! I will hand out shirts to each student. Please drop your student off and you may head on over to the storm shelter where we will be performing at 5:30!! :) I have enjoyed listening to the kiddos practice their songs when they are in music class; you are going to LOVE them!!!


Thanksgiving Break will be on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll see the kiddos on Monday, November 30th.


1st Grade is learning about measurements and more on subtraction and addition. Look for at least one Home Link (HL) homework page to come home a week. I usually send home the one concept page I feel the kiddos need more practice with. We are currently on Unit 4. Feel free to Dojo msg me if there is anything you as a parent are not understanding about EM4 (Everyday Math 4) - it is a slightly different way of teaching math than "old school" math, but coming from someone who struggled GREATLY in math, I wish I would have had math taught to me this way. How can you help at home: give your student a list of random #'s and have them put them in order from smallest to largest or vice versa. We did this in class today and several students struggled with this concept! Money - give your child a few coins and tell them to count them for you; watch the daily Dojo points and see if your child earned "Money in the Bank" - We work with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Social Studies

1st Grade is now studying the East Woodland Indians Tribes: Wampanoag, Iroquois, Cherokee, and the Algonquin. They have made wigwams; they will be making Native American jewelry, discussing their Indian name, and creating a Native American poem.


We are now working on "How To" texts. We have been reading a variety of How To books and learning about different transition words (first, next, then, and , second, finally, last); we will be creating our very own book and having it professionally published! I will send out more information later. Be watching!!! :)


We take a pre-test every Monday and practice throughout the week using different games and strategies. We also work our Sight Words on a weekly basis. Don't forget to check out Spelling City!!!